Tuesday Tales - Railing Into Hell

Hello Fellow Fathomers and welcome to Tuesday Tales. Each week our group gets together and writes to a word prompt or picture prompt. You never know what you might come across but, it's sure to entertain you. This week our word prompt is "railing" and I went with a Halloween theme. This will be from Book Two of the Blue Ink series entitled, "Jerky". I hope you enjoy...

"Holding onto the railing for support, Joelle’s stomach lurched. The macabre scene in the room below her tested the very limits of humanity. Wylder reached his hand around her waist to steady her uneasy stance. “I need to call for back-up, are you going to be okay?”
“Dear God, just when I think I’ve seen it all, something even worse happens.” She gagged at the end of her sentence. The smell of decay and chemicals finally wafted up to her sensitive nostrils.
Wylder reached for his cell phone with one hand and pressed a speed dial button. “I’m here, Jo, and you can go outside anytime you need to. It’s fine.” He began to speak into the mouthpiece. “Yea, it’s McKinney, it’s bad here, send the team.” Wylder finished giving the directions to their location then disconnected.
“I’m staying and will see this through. I might take longer, but, this is my job now and I must learn to deal with everything.”
“I’m proud of you, Jo.” Wylder bent and kissed the top of her head. “I’ll save any further affectionate displays until we are off duty.”
“Good plan…” Joelle smiled tentatively, then, looked around the expansive space below them once again. She stepped to the right, straining for better visual position. A weathered wood plank creaked unpredictably then loosened under her weight. “Damn, I’m not sure about this floor.”
“Someone gets down there on a regular basis, I don’t see another walkway, but, doesn’t mean there isn’t one.” Wylder used his toe to press against a plank further up from her location. “It feels sturdy.”
“These old homes are built for durability, not silence. I think you’re right, we should proceed. I want to get a better look at everything before the crew shows up. I’d prefer to register as little shock as possible in front of them.”
“Jo, if you’re ready, let’s go, I understand you want to show a strong face, but, it doesn’t mean you’re weak because this affects you so deeply. This is beyond horrific, I mean look at these bodies! Who in the hell would do such a thing?”
“That’s just it, I think it’s someone from hell who did.”

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V.L. Locey said…
Yegad! What a story! Love it.
Sarah Cass said…
Wow! What a scene! Love the final line...it's great!
Jillian said…
Wonderful story. I'm with Sarah, I love that last line, too. AND the picture is awesome.
SherryGLoag said…
Now that final sentence is just such a tease. But WOW, what a graphic scene.
Lindsay said…
I'm dying to find out what kind of bodies-human, animal or something else they are. This is nicely creepy.
Iris B said…
One of the tags says "bodiesinsideout" ... goodness gracious, I'm not sure whether I wanna know more ...
Creepy indeed !
writerszenblog said…
Yikes! Not a scene I'd like to have to see. You did a great job of painting it for us.

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