Tuesday Tales - The Sweet Scent of....Blood?

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! For this week's Tuesday Tales, we are writing to the word prompt, "Sweet". Please see another excerpt from my paranormal thriller, Jerky.
 “I’ve seen the near impossible happen right before my eyes so you know I believe you Jo, and it’s hard to imagine some mortal human was capable of something like this.” Wylder pointed to the scene below them. “I’m going to make my way down there, just in case someone is hurt.”
“I’ll follow you, just be careful, I don’t trust this rickety walkway.” Joelle slid both arms into the backpack straps of her crime scene go-bag.
Wylder tentatively pressed with increasing weight before he finally took each step. The wood groaned and creaked, almost speaking the horrors of the room. A musty odor wafted from the dank wood railing to which they clung with gloved hands. The sweet, metal scent of blood lingered in the heavy air. Joelle closed her mouth tightly, breathing exclusively through her nose to keep from tasting the carnage.
Finely spun cobwebs clung between the rail and the high ceiling. Their spider inhabitants hid in the dark corners, occasionally flexing their black legs, prepared to scuttle away. It made Joelle’s scalp itch to think of one dropping into her hair and she reflexively swiped at an imaginary arachnid on the back of her neck. “Wylder, please say something, anything, my mind is running away with me here.”
“Jo, when we are finished with this case, what do you want to do? We can go anywhere on a mini break, a road trip away from this madness. What about the beach? I can see the waves crashing into a sandy shore and feel the warm sun. I can rub suntan lotion on your back, the coconut kind. How does that sound?
“We can share that big blue fishbowl drink and dance under the night sky.” Joelle smiled and the thoughts briefly stopped the phantom itch up her spine.
Wylder encountered another loose board under his foot. “Jo, this one is loose, so, take your time, we are almost there, just a few more steps and we will make it to the stairs leading down into the room.”
“Okay, I see it, I’ll be careful and stay right behind…” Joelle screamed when the rotted board gave way and she slipped through the gaping hole left behind.
Now that you've my contribution for the word "sweet", please visit our main blog Tuesday Tales for more great fiction starring the word "sweet". Happy Halloween!! 


Iris B said…
I cannot believe you stopped there :-( I'm so hoping everyone's ok and they'll get the chance to go on this mini break!
Nicely done!
V.L. Locey said…
What an ending! Well done.
Sarah Cass said…
Oh wow, you horrible woman ending it there! This is so intense, I was totally wrapped up in it...and when it ended I was so disappointed...now I'm going to be on pins and needles!
Lindsay said…
That was so totally creepy and I loved it.
Jean Joachim said…
Whoa! How can you leave us there?? Are you going to continue this story next week? I should hope so! You creeped me out then wham! So beautifully done, Davee. Great beginning.
SherryGLoag said…
That was cruel :-) Leaving us hanging like that.
morgan said…
I love your descriptions, especially that big blue fishbowl drink.
Anonymous said…
Ohhhhhh, too good! I did NOT except to see sweet used this way. What a twist for us. Great scene!
S.E said…
This is a really good tale. "tasting the carnage" Had to love that

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