Tuesday Tales It's Hard, Rough, and Dirty....what a sandwich

Wine Grapes from Napa...random, but, I like this shot
Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! This week's Tuesday Tales prompt is a triple word challenge. Our mediator decided to throw three extremely distinctive words our direction and see what we come up with.  We are writing to "hard, rough, and dirty". Please see how I use this triple nasty in my new WIP erotic romance, Sexy Bea Spelling. Our heroine, Bea, challenges Andrew, but, will he melt her heart?

"It was Bea.
Andrew reconnected with the uncomfortable chair and read the message several times. Was it possible? Thoughts ran first through his heated groin before finally reaching his brain. He recalled the feel of her smooth skin against the pads of his fingers. Even her elbow for fuck’s sake, it wasn’t calloused or rough, even her damn elbow was smooth. He could take her wenis in his mouth and suck on it- maybe teasing her funny bone would make her nipples hard. The woman made him crazy and brought on bizarre thoughts, leaning closely into fetish territory. It made him semi-hard at the prospect of his mouth on any part of Bea.
Wenis? How the hell do I know the slang term for elbow skin? I watch too much worthless television.

She wasn’t the tough bitch she so desperately tried to be. On the island, it was simple because she had a flight to catch and logic took the place of emotion. Now, they were in the same town and she couldn’t run so effortlessly. Andrew recalled her parting words from the morning, “a relationship between men and women did not always involve sex.” Really? From his position in life, he did not have a single platonic lady friend- unless he counted the female secretaries, administrative aides, and other workers on his payroll. He never crossed that line. The last thing he wanted was a sexual harassment suit. Besides, it was worse than bad taste, it was vastly unprofessional to put an employee in that position.  If his asshole father taught him anything, it was to remain professionally civilized at all times.
In the workplace.
Outside of that, Andrew learned the mannerisms of a chivalrous, yet wildly dirty playboy, male dominated way of existence. His father played the role well. Who knows how many other children he conceived in the world? Andrew suspected a knock someday on his door announcing some long lost sibling. Dear old dad remained faithful only to himself and his selfish desires. Instant gratification like he was some starving child from a third world country, at the cost of his vows to Andrew’s mom.

Nothing was sacred. But, Andrew was determined to follow a different path, if only he had a woman inspiring enough to bring forth his hidden loyalty. Possibly Bea. Sweet Bea." 
"Now that you've read my contribution to TT, please visit my creative friends over at our main blog, Tuesday Tales for their take on our triple word prompt challenge of  "hard, rough and dirty". 


V.L. Locey said…
Great use of the word prompts!
Sarah said…
Hahaha!! I have never seen anyone else successfully use the word wenis...heehee...

Still love this story. I can't wait until it's ready for release!
Lindsay said…
Love the use of the word prompts not to mention the insight into him and his father
Iris B said…
I'd never heard of wenis ... LOL.
Great use of the prompts ... and great story!
Anonymous said…
Haha! I've never heard of wenis either. I learn SO MUCH from y'all.
Even as the room heats up ....
Jillian said…
LOL! I'm with everyone else, wenis is new to me. I love it!
SherryGLoag said…
'wenis' is a new word for me too, so glad you sneaked in the meaning, there. Loved the conflicting emotions he's dealing with.
triciaandersen said…
Wenis. *giggle* I love the insight of Andrew's opinion of his father. Great job!

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