Jasinda Wilder - Forever and Always - Book Review

Forever and Always 

**** Snowflakes

by Jasinda Wilder – Book One in the Ever Trilogy

Forever and Always introduces us to Ever and Cade and their unique story. They meet at an art camp and through their very short time together, develop an obvious bond. Jasinda does a good job demonstrating how love at first sight can actually happen. These two awkward teenagers have more in common than most. Ever and Cade both discover their artistic expression is a welcome release from their stressful lives- they both draw and paint with impeccable accuracy. The connection is incredible.

However, in a unique turn, these two characters fall in love over the course of becoming pen pals. They live too far away from each other to form an in-person relationship. They write with brutal honesty the personal struggles and desires they share. Ms. Wilder fully develops characters from start to finish; even the secondary characters receive their descriptive due.   The book also explicitly describes intimacy and lovemaking with painstaking details- it leaves the reader breathless from the anticipation. I’ll admit I had moments of discomfort knowing my teenaged daughter is not that far in age from these characters involved in such adult situations.

Forever and Always  is filled with drama- this is not a feel good book- it is a manuscript about overcoming painful loss to grow into adulthood despite deep tragedy- much like Jasinda’s other releases, Falling Into You and Falling Into Us- however a very different cast of characters. 

 The thin veil of happily Ever after does not protect Ever and Cade from inevitable heartbreak. The reader keeps turning pages seeking solace just for their benefit. The ending crushed me, and left me hoping for the best and eagerly awaiting book two.


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