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Love and Lists by Tara Sivec – Chocoholics Series

This novel is the first I’ve read by Tara. After reading the rave reviews for her books, especially the Chocolate Lovers series, I had to check this new series out.

Tara’s snappy writing style did not disappoint me. If anything, I had a hard time keeping up with the vigor of all the characters. It felt like when I watched the Terminator and I was Sarah Connor- always on the run. Not the horror part, mind you, but, the high impact energy level.  Tara did a very good job keeping the reader engaged in the story.

Sometimes I got confused because the reading pace was very quick. I found myself reading faster to keep up with the one-liner dialogue, as if I was hearing their conversations/arguments/sarcasm in my head. It did encourage imagery of a boisterous family. So, by the end, I decided I liked the pace. (But, I have to wonder how many people- friends, families, etc, share this type of dialogue all the time.)

Although explicit, the sex scenes are not graphic enough to embarrass a regular reader of sexually charged romances.

It felt strange at the end when out of the blue Charlotte gives Gavin a revelation. Not wanting to spoil the ending…but, it seemed out of place.  There wasn’t conversation about this subject, and they’d been best friends for years. But, I wonder if a spin off book down the line will pick up on this crucial relationship topic.

All in all, Tara writes a solid, light-hearted, comedic love story about best friends coming full circle and falling into adult love. I recommend this read for anyone needing a warmth and giggle to their day.

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