Demise on Top of a Mountain...Blue Ink-Tuesday Tales

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! Happy Tuesday and time for another edition of Tuesday Tales. This week I return to my current demonic, paranormal thriller, Blue Ink: The Skin Stalker for our journey to the top...I present-  "mountain".

"The Skin Stalker reached his destination, Echo Mountain.  He willed his evil connection to the underworld to transport him and his sacrifice, Hannah, to the top.  He held her loosely in his arms, as if her virtue burned his vile leathery skin.  Her head hung gracelessly backward toward the ground. The wind rushed through her long hair, blowing it around her face and across her delicate features- now relaxed in the throes of death. 
The end of mortal Hannah happened on the top of Echo Mountain. The Skin Stalker roared viciously as Hannah took a final breath and released it noiselessly.  Yet, in death, she smiled, confusing the demon monster known as Skin Stalker.  Her body no longer a heavy weight, it felt light and almost angelic in his grasp.  The sweetness of her innocence worked like osmosis from her soul and leaked through her pores. 
The Skin Stalker quickly dropped Hannah as the substance acted as holy water and weakened his hold.  He did not take adequate time to get to know her and did not realize the depth of her convictions.  More importantly, he failed to comprehend the strength of her faith in God.  He yelped in pain when lightning bolts suddenly zapped his head.  In her death, she brought forth the power of the Holy Spirit- it filled the mountaintop with glory and love.  The surge knocked The Skin Stalker to the bottom of the mountain with one fell swoop. 
God lifted her lifeless body high into the air above the mountains with a magnificent lightshow beaming around her.  As she straightened vertically, her eyes opened, and she looked blissfully upward toward her final destination.  The Skin Stalker would not have his souvenir-Hannah- to present to Joelle.  The equipment bag readied for her would remain empty.  The Skin Stalker’s rage and despair at losing his prize engulfed him.  God took Hannah home, away from The Skin Stalker’s menacing grip. 
Then, she was gone. 
Looking toward the craggy heights of the mountain, The Skin Stalker once again screamed in rage at losing his possession.  He knew she was gone, this battle won by the heavenly Creator.  As he had scrambled to improvise his plan, he left her car in the location at the base of Echo Mountain. "Now, what to do?” His anger boiled, cracking his vocal cords."

Now that you've read my contribution to TT, please visit my creative friends over at our main blog, Tuesday Tales for their trip to the "mountain".


J.P. Grider said…
This was awesome. Who ever wins when going against our mighty Creator? I can't wait to read more.
Jean said…
Aha! Foiled by God! Love this episode, Davee. Beautifully written and full of feeling.oralyz 235

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