Flasher Fiction Friday

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers, this Friday I return to my first recurring blog contribution, the Friday Flash Fiction. A group of writers will write exactly 100 words, no more no less, to a picture prompt. After you read my contribution, please read what the other writers have to say, the links follow. Happy Friday!
"He reached forward for the swath of hair cascading down one side of her face, pulled her to him by her tresses and hungrily took her mouth for a deeper kiss.  “That’s more like it, Artemis.

“Yes, my Apollo. Sarah breathed in Isaac’s scent of black pepper and some type of exotic spice. “I could snack on you, you smell so nice.”

“We will be here all night, on this hard floor you make so warm.” Isaac slid his hand around her waist.

“I’ll be your willing body pillow.”

“You would, dear Artemis, wouldn’t you?”

“But, of course I would.”

Be bold and visit these other authors with their saucy take on this photo (heat levels will vary):
S.J. Maylee: http://SJMaylee.com


Julez S Morbius said…
Nice flash. The start of something very hot methinks :)
Muffy Wilson said…
"..hungrily took her mouth for a deeper kiss.." Love that line and it took us right to the point! The other one I especially 'felt' was "..scent of black pepper and some type of exotic spice." Those made this so real for me. I loved this flash, Davee, loved it!!:) xo
Cherry Darling said…
Very nice, made my mouth water reading this!
S. J. Maylee said…
Yum! I love where this is headed. More pretty please. :)
J.P. Stevens said…
Love the "i'll be your willing body pillow" Great flash. xx
purrrsss. I love the sound of this. I love the name choice too. :) awesome hot spicy flash. ;-)
Pablo Michaels said…
Loved them acting the roles of Greek gods. I agree- great beginning to a more detailed story.

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