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Jasinda Wilder
Book Review
***** Five Snowflakes
Falling Into Us by Jasinda Wilder – Parallel Novel to Falling Into You
Just as in Falling Into You, I usually do not prefer first person narratives, but, Ms. Wilder’s reflective writing style did not disappoint me in this particular book. She did a very good job of delving into some history of the main characters not mentioned extensively in the "sister" installment. She wrote from the viewpoint of best friends, Jason and Becca, to the hero, Kyle, and and heroine, Nell, giving an honest thoughtful perspective from their involved points of view.
Ms. Wilder fully develops characters from a pivotal moment in their lives dating and falling in love. However, in this book, she describes intimacy between the young lovers’ adult unions with sexy descriptors and leaves little to the imagination. Unlike in the first book where the love scenes were less detailed until the characters were older.
An important character, Colton, is introduced with more detail with how he fits into their circle of friendship. A full explanation of how the friends of family accept Colton into Nell’s life is written with plausibility and finesse, especially since he is Kyle’s older brother.
I’ll admit, to me, this book had more poetry and song lyrics than I normally want to read, but, Becca finds writing poetry a welcome release from her stressful life. Until she meets Jason, she has no other authentic outlet in which to express her overwhelming and very mature emotions other than the written word. Ms. Wilder demonstrates diversity in her own writing skill, sharing her own prose as the fictional character, Becca’s.
Falling Into Us is filled with drama- this is not a feel good book- although it is a manuscript about overcoming adversity to grow into adulthood despite masses of negativity. To say these characters have happy lives would be misleading, it’s almost extraordinarily too coincidental that this tight group of friends should have so much grief.  But, I commend Ms. Wilder for tackling reality in very readable and page turning fashion.


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