Flasher Fiction Friday

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers, this Friday I return to my first recurring blog contribution, the Friday Flash Fiction. A group of writers will write exactly 100 words, no more no less, to a picture prompt. After you read my contribution, please read what the other writers have to say, the links follow. Happy Friday!
“Okay, well, if you’re having one, I’ll have the same.” He dropped his lean frame into a chair on the patio, watching her intently.
Bea dropped ice cubes into the short glass. “Andrew, I want you to know I don’t regret meeting you.” She poured his drink and walked over to him, sitting down.
“I sense a “but” coming.” Andrew took a draw of his drink.

“But, never in a million years would I have thought a ménage a` trois would be on my bucket list.” Bea’s cheeks reddened and she rolled the tumbler of scotch between her shaky hands."
Please visit some other writers for their take on this unique photo. Some of the entries may vary in heat levels. Read at your own discretion. 


Naomi said…
Oh wow, you reeled me in with that flash. Fantastic, and now I want to read more, much more about this menage
Muffy Wilson said…
I want a peek into her bucket on this one!! I had no idea where you were taking this, and I am glad I didn't because your way is better'n my highway!! The first time is always the most nerve-wracking. Loved it!!:) xo
Doris O'connor said…
Oh, nice one! So didn't see that end coming :-)
Leann Mitchell said…
That was surprising! Nice! :)
ER Pierce said…
Not many see the menage in their future, but I bet the experience is one for a lifetime of memories. Excellent flash.
gemma parkes said…
Powerful snippet, great flash.
Michelle Howard said…
Everyone's imagination is so good and yet different. Great job
Julez S Morbius said…
With that ending there definitely needs to be more :) Great flash
Love this! I def want to know what his response is and what happens next.
Pablo Michaels said…
Judging by the Scotch and her shaking hands, she was definitely not ready for a threesome. Fantastic take and twist for your flash.

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