Tuesday Tales chocolate and a hot campfire....did someone say Paranormal?

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! Happy Tuesday! It's time for another edition of Tuesday Tales. This week we have a delicious word prompt- "chocolate".  Today we visit a campfire from Finding Love and Bigfoot, the second in the Critter Getter series.  

“What do you have there, Mr. Caleb?” Leandra laughed, attempting to get a better look at what Caleb held in his fingers.

“Something I hope you sweet tooth connoisseurs haven’t seen yet.” Caleb held up a bag containing fluffy white blobs.

“Okay, dude, we’ve had marshmallows before.” Kalista slightly dipped her head and raised one eyebrow. The campfire light danced across her warm features.

Caleb opened the bag and retrieved a white cylindrical treat almost the size of a tennis ball from the package. “But, have you ever seen them this size?”

“Whoa, that’s amazing!” Leandra rushed forward, one hand outstretched.

“Candy makes it all better, just like when we were kids.” Owen laughed, stirring his own cup of hot chocolate with a small straw. “I don’t think Bigfoot eats candy, our campsite provisions have never been raided.”

“Ugh, I wish you hadn’t said the “B” word, I was just starting to relax.” Kalista shuddered again, her grin fading.

“You gotta work on your girl skills, Owen. Does your girlfriend say “fine” and “okay” a lot?” Leandra questioned him, dropping the large fluffy confection into her cup. Laughing, she moved next to Kalista. “This is awesomeness! It takes up the entire space.” Leandra held her cup toward Kalista, slightly tipping it her direction.

“Attack of the giant marshmallow, classic.” Kalista giggled, getting her own from the bag Caleb still held. She dunked the softness into the creamy chocolate foam, took a small nibble, then dropped it gently into her cup. It bobbed briefly before settling full into the opening. “I can’t even see the liquid!”

“This is the way to enjoy a campfire.” Owen propped his feet up on a utility bucket.

“The others think we are staying up too late.” Leandra jerked her head toward the guest tents. “But, I don’t know how they are sleeping. I’m still too freaked out.”

“They’ve been out here before, and been camping more than once. They probably enjoyed our little scare more than dreaded it.” Caleb threaded a big fat marshmallow on a roasting stick. “We need to follow suit pretty soon, we have an early day ahead of us.”

“I finally don’t feel those weird eyes boring into my back and can enjoy this. I completely understand why people consider camping a nice getaway.” Kalista watched the marshmallow bubble, sizzle from the flames, and then inflate from the heat. “Watching the flames is mesmerizing.”

“It’s like one of those Christmas DVDs with the music set to a fireplace scene. I could watch those for hours and hours.” Leandra offered, monotone from her quasi-hypnosis.

“Tomorrow will be better in the daylight.  You’ll feel more secure. We will go check our cameras and investigate that area where we heard the branch break. Let’s finish our cocoa and get some shut eye.”

My debut in Sweet Romance happens this week! I'm writing as Allee Mae, and you can read the first book in the Critter Getter series! I present Finding Love Under a Rock....

Now that you've read my contribution to TT, please visit my creative friends over at our main blog, Tuesday Tales for their take on the word prompt "chocolate". 


V.L. Locey said…
What a lovely scene!
Sarah said…
I love a good campfire. Great scene! Those monster marshmallows are awesome!!
Kathleen Ball said…
love your writing!!
Jean Joachim said…
The marshmallows made me hungry! Love the bigfoot tension building. Can't wait to find out what they see.
Tamara Hoffa said…
What's better than chocolate and bigfoot? Looking forward to the new series!
triciaandersen said…
The conversation between the friends is really engaging - it feels like sitting around a campfire! And I love those marshmallows too!
SherryGLoag said…
Felt I was right there with them. Great descriptions.

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