Tuesday Tales - Finding Love on a Billboard

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! Happy Tuesday and after a hiatus, I'm back! It's time for another edition of Tuesday Tales. This week I take you  to a new installment in my YA series WIP, Finding Love on a Billboard.   I present the word prompt, "funny":

“Good grief, this drive is taking forever.” Chrisee Jenkins rubbed one sleepy eye while keeping the other glued to the asphalt in front of her. The expansive Oklahoma farmland stopped holding her attention about two hours after she entered the Sooner State. “I think it’s a resident requirement to own at least one cow.” She briefly turned her head to review yet another herd of cattle munching lazily on the fresh spring grass. “I could certainly make a living here.”
Just as she finished the final drink of her iced coffee, her cell phone rang with a machine manufactured zippy ring tone. “Hey you! Perfect timing, I’m about to fall asleep.”
“Is the drive that painful?” Through the cell phone waves, Chrisee’s best friend, Rose Harper, sympathetically questioned. “I should have went with you, at least then it wouldn’t have been as boring.”
“Nah, Rosie, you have your own responsibilities of your job to take care of. If you can just keep me company on the phone occasionally, I’ll be alright.”
“How much further do you have to go before you get to Hot Springs?”
“Still several hours, but, that’s okay, I’m nervous about this presentation. I still keep running my spiel through my mind over and over again.”
“You’ll be fabulous, Chrisee! You know veterinary medicine from the north to the south end of any critter.”
“Yes, but, hiring an equine chiropractor is very new business for these race tracks. Sometimes, I’m met with snickers and full out guffaws when offering them chiropractic services for their horses.”
“You have a thick skin, girl.”
“Yea, I try…” Chrisee trailed off in her response looking at an approaching sign. “What the heck?”  Plastered across a billboard in the middle of nowhere pastureland, a young man’s wide grin greeted her. Posed with both thumbs up in a goofy manner, his broad, crooked smile immediately brought on a fit of giggles. She sped by the sign before reading the caption below his seemingly oversized head. “Hey, Rose, I just saw the most bizarre billboard. I’m gonna turn around and check it out. I’ll call you back, okay?”
“Sure, but, take a picture of it and text it to me, if it’s funny enough to make you turn around, I gotta see it too.”
 "Now that you've read my contribution to TT, please visit my creative friends over at our main blog, Tuesday Tales for their take on the word prompt "funny". 


V.L. Locey said…
Why do I have a suspicion that man on the billboard will somehow enter our heroine`s life?
Sarah said…
LOL...hmmm...now I'm dying to know what the heck is on that billboard!! You must share it with us :D
triciaandersen said…
Like everyone else I'm dying to know what is on that billboard...and is the guy our hero??
Lindsay said…
I'm dying to find out what's so funny with the billboard
Jean Joachim said…
Now I have to know what was on that billboard! Was it our hero? What was he doing? You're a tease! Good beginning, sucked me right in.
Fiona Druce said…
lol, I'm with everybody else :D

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