Saturday Sippers Live (well almost) from Austin Texas and #AustinBookFest

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! Welcome to the feature here in The Locker called Saturday Sippers. Today is extra special because I’m spending it in AUSTIN, TEXAS! At the #AustinBookFest -featuring some amazing authors

, devoted bloggers,

and dedicated fans.

Now, when readers and writers get together, there is usually wine involved. Maybe a little bit of chocolate and even cupcakes—or for the REALLY lucky, KOLACHES.

Straight from West, TX

But, something I look forward to after a hard week of workin’ is a red beer.

Red Beer?

There’s another name for it in these parts, and for the squeamish I’ll just apologize now…some bartenders call it a bloody beer. (no, it isn’t real blood.) I’ll just call it red beer for the sake of appeal. Further, if you’re from Mexico, or vacationed there, you might call it a Michelada. The Michelada has several variations, so, ask how your drink will be prepared before you order it. Budweiser has a canned version called the Chelada…(oh, yea… now you nod remembering you’ve seen it in the beer aisle before).
My favorite way to have a red beer starts with a draw of Coors light and add a healthy amount of Clamato juice

and a dash or three of Louisiana hot sauce.

The contents of your glass will turn a beautiful shade of Texas Ruby Red…and your tummy will thank you for the treat.

Well, time for me to get back to the fun.
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Anonymous said…
WEST, TEXAS!! I'm jealous. We haven't made a trip there since last November.
Did you stop at the new place on the west side of the freeway? We stopped there and it was their second day of business. They were still pretty empty, with new things due the next week. I found some Apple Butter Syrup in there that is very good.
Davee said…
Yes, we stopped at the Czech Stop, but, we also went a little further into town to a place the locals frequent. that's where we got the cinnamon rolls to DIE FOR.

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