Giving this Tuesday Tale a Nudge in the Right Direction

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! Welcome to Tuesday Tales. I introduce you to a brand new spicy WIP I have going. My new series is entitled, The Fantasy Leagues.  Our prompt today is the word "nudge", and I will be giving this word my best push in the right direction. LOL

Emma kept looking and my mind wandered to the surroundings. I keep my office very much different than I keep my personal space at home. I’m here to promote love, and the feeling of happily ever after. Fresh flowers always adorn a sofa table, today I have mixed carnations. I always keep one fresh rose in a bud vase on the left corner of my desk. I have assorted chocolates in a crystal bowl in the center. I can’t remember the last time I ate chocolate, but, my clients very much enjoy it.

According to the client meeting, I pipe in a digital music station statistically shown to improve the chances of closing the deal on a contract. With women like Emma, I set the station to happy love songs. It reinforces the hope and gives her the nudge to sign on the dotted line. Whereas when I see Dominic later, I’ll set the station to the eighties big hair bands love songs.

Hey, my profiler said it works.

Speaking of my profiler, I employ one person whose sole purpose is to statistically improve the chances of the best matches possible in each season. We run all calendar year, with each sports season always a little better than the last. I operate the business of love connections with a unique dating adventure. I’ve seen hundreds of hopefuls with the same look of excited anticipation in their eyes as Emma Parker before me in my office today.

I didn’t turn Emma down before because of anything specific about her. She just didn’t fit “the mix” until now. Speaking of, it’s time to push forward with this interview. “So, Emma, are you ready to join fantasy football?” I held out a fancy, full-plumed writing quill. The elegant, flowing feather gives a glamorous touch. The pewter ink stand completes the set.

Emma signs with a trembling hand and a look of Christmas Eve across her fresh face. She is the cutest thing, and in another setting, I’d eat someone like her alive. Metaphorically speaking, of course. My thighs quake and my thoughts run to The Lock-Her Room. I shut it down immediately. I don’t fraternize with the participants. That’s unscrupulous practice.

I also have The Lock-Him Room, but we will discuss that another time.

Before the ink is fully dry, I’m ushering Emma out the door. “We will have a group meeting next weekend. The details are all right here.” I hand her a schedule printed on card stock. “You will also set up your personal profile on the website. Please have that done before the group meeting.” I gave her a handshake and she leaned in impulsively for a hug. Maybe I lingered a moment longer than I should have, but, she smelled good.

I love my job.

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SherryGLoag said…
This promises to be a good laugh, I love the tone of your character and how much info you've packed into it.
Iris B said…
Love the new story and love the first person POV.
The last line says it all ;-)
V.L. Locey said…
Mm-hmm, I do love first person POV. Keep it coming!
Jean Joachim said…
Wow! A very different turn for you. And the daring first person, to boot! I love the way you've set the stage and I need to know more about the narrator. A man, right? And who he's going to find for Emma. Great beginning, Davee.
Lindsay said…
And another great book begins.
Jillian said…
awesome beginning. Can't wait to see how it develops!
S.E said…
Can't wait to see how this story develops
Anonymous said…
Clapping hands in anticipation of another great story! Excellent job, with hints of intrigue and an unusual plot.

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