Book, Review! Driven by K. Bromberg

 Book Review ***1/2 snowflakes

Driven by K. Bromberg – the Driven Trilogy – Driven, Fueled, Crashed

I decided to broaden my horizons both as a writer and a reviewer and join some readers’ Facebook groups. An online book club of sorts, I downloaded the first book in the Driven Trilogy, Driven, to catch up with the rest of the group, who were already on Crashed, the third book. So, I’m still one book behind, Fueled.

Ms. Bromberg’s succinct writing style did not disappoint me. She did a very good job setting up the story and introducing the characters. She did not give away too much at one time, which I like.  I noticed several proofing errors, for example using seam vs. seem in the wrong spelling format. But, it only slightly detracted from my overall review.

I did not feel the Hero, Colton, was completely likable. While it may seem romantic or thrilling to have a guy so desperately wanting you, it’s hard to accept what almost seemed like a stalker.  Rylee was a hostage to the situation at times.  If anyone needs some serious healing, it’s Rylee. She’s been through more than most people, and she sees so much human suffering on a daily basis. She works with disadvantaged kiddos and wants them to develop self-worth and accept love. So, I expected she demand more from a lover than the crumbs Colton throws her way.

On one hand, we want our heroine, Rylee, to re-establish her securities and self-esteem, but on the other hand, we are rooting for her to become Colton’s sex toy with no promise of anything more. If anything, he uses her and tosses her to the side. How many times will she let that happen? I know, I’ve been in the same boat and loved to hate the relationship I held onto by the skin of my teeth. Knowing what I do now, I still would have been in the thick of the same hot mess-- Which is why I still enjoyed this read. I learned as few important things about myself from my personal train wreck of human involvement.

All in all, Ms. Bromberg writes a believable story about relationships. Because, in reality, people get scared, run from love and deliberately sabotage a good thing to keep from getting hurt. But, I sure hope this series has an eventual HEA that involves some love and expectations equality.


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