Book Review of Jasinda Wilder's - After Forever...Book Two in the Ever Trilogy

After Forever *****Snowflakes
by Jasinda Wilder – Book Two in the Ever Trilogy
Jasinda Wilder captured the essence of an ultimate quid pro quo...she even used that term in the book at one point.
There were times it was hard to understand how Cade and Eden could commit such a betrayal. I began to imagine Cade looking at Eden and seeing Ever. I think he gave in to the physical pain and heartache and imagined it was his Ever.
I know Ever and Eden are twin sisters, but, their connection is not as tight as some siblings, especially twins, can be. The underlying jealousy and misunderstanding each of them have for the other is evident and described so subtly. But, I knew it remained a deep part of the chasm between the sisters.
I think Eden was horribly selfish in taking what she wanted without any conscience, it’s how she treated everyone. She justified her behavior by blaming her absent father and the death of her mother, but, as human beings we all know right from wrong. She was so far wrong it was incredible.
So, why 5 stars? Because it perfectly captures real events that as the story wove together, as heartbreaking as it was, I knew how feasible it could be. Taking myself back out of Ever and Caden’s sincere romance, I could downshift into Eden and Caden’s torrid and appalling affair. It’s survival of the fittest in the form of sexual pleasure pursuit.
I know many didn’t like the story because it’s shocking to imagine, but, that’s part of why I liked it so much.
Now, on to Saving Forever to see just how this entire story is going to end…each book completely stands on its’ own in my opinion, it’s going to be tough to end this one and satisfy the reading audience. But, if anyone can do it, it’s Jasinda.


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