Tuesday Tales...No One is Guaranteed It'll Ever Be Free

Welcome Fellow Fathomers to Tuesday Tales. Our group will be writing to the word prompt "free" this week. Now, I've been giving snippets of Owen and Pearl's story in the TT, but, I can't do that anymore....because I have a contract on their story!!  Yay! Instead, I take you to a new series I've recently begun writing. I'm super excited about it and hope you will be too. For this excerpt, the owner and CEO of The Fantasy Leagues, Lola Fontaine, gives a little bit of her perspective...let's peek in.

"For our first group meeting with the new participants for this years’ fantasy football league, as usual, I went slightly over the top. Okay, I went completely over the top of the mountain. I always do, for every first meeting. But, I have my reasons. No matter that I have a signed and binding contract, it always makes me nervous that someone will drop. I will do everything in my power to keep that from happening. It really screws with my numbers to have odd numbers. It could actually debilitate the process with an unbalanced number of men and women. Unless, of course, the participants are into polyamory, which has surprisingly happened a few times. That sounds like a whole new area I should explore…damn shiny objects and butterflies- or make that hot group sex and violent wands-snicker snicker. Back to topic.
Our presentation space contained a large meeting room complete with a small boxed-off raised platform I called our “stage”.  The comfortable meeting chairs sat in a close band in a semi-circle around the stage. Everyone had an unobstructed view in an intimate setting. They would all sit close enough to smell each other’s perfume, cologne, and maybe even mouthwash. They needed to get involved in each other from the jump. Get the pheromones flying.
What rounded out my office building was the pride and joy of my outdoors. The wide open windows overlooked a small garden area containing a xeriscaped garden - one that eliminated the need for most watering. In clean, crisp contemporary fashion, cacti, native bluegrass, tall fescue, and other succulents weathered safely, without much active regard, in strategically positioned spots. I came out here often to reflect and, okay, maybe strategize, but, what brought me a paycheck also brought others a new and exciting life, so, it worked. Nothing was free, even happiness, it sometimes seemed.
 And, so, another spectacular season would be under way. Everyone would meet each other that day, do a little hobnobbing, take mental notes, and recall images for their spank bank later that night. It’s the first time for the representative to take over and make a winning impression. The representative? Yes, the invisible third person apparent in all new relationships. The representative is the one who never has bad breath, never farts in front of you, and always makes sure the other one satisfactorily climaxes during sex- and if not, closes the deal even after they’re satisfied. Hell, even the foreplay is better with the representative and the girl gives at least one blow job a week with the rep on the job. Maybe more importantly, the representative is a master at completely disguising everyone’s most unappealing traits during the all-important phase of early courtship.
With all twenty-six representatives eagerly looking on, I took the small stage radiant in an all-white power suit. It hugged my curves in all the right places while remaining professional. To stop from sweating profusely, I even had Botox injections in my armpits. I probably wouldn’t qualify as your routine patient of hyperhidrosis, but, I pay my doctor enough money, he takes care of my needs in ways like that.  Strategically placed silver jewelry catches the light for dazzling, eye-popping reflections, like mini laser lights. For my opening speech, the spotlight is on me with dimmers over the audience. My opening must hook them, get them excited for this participation- this game of love.
“Long ago, I decided my life can be passionately summed up in a simple tagline- if you remain an option you will never become a priority.” I allowed that to sink in and walked from one side of the stage to the other. “Let me say that again, if you remain an option, you will never become a priority.” I pointed one long manicured nailed finger slowly at no particular individual, drew my hand back and pointed again and again to prove my point. I scanned the audience with slow, well-timed precision. Then, I shrugged my shoulders. “I’m passionate about making others a priority, so, why shouldn’t I be one as well? That’s what you should be saying to yourself every day when you see your reflection in the mirror.”
Are you intrigued by my new series? I hope so, this crisp, titillating new series will pair Fantasy Sports Leagues with an almost speed dating approach. Stay tuned for more snippets and more fun. As always, please visit our Tuesday Tales Main for more takes on the writing prompt, "free".


Karen Cino said…
This is an awesome line: if you remain an option you will never become a priority. I am already loving this story.
Lindsay said…
I'm definitely liking this new series and intrigued by it. I can't wait to read more.
Jean Joachim said…
Very intriguing! I'm looking forward to the next installment and will be buying Pearl's story when it comes out.
Iris Blobel said…
Congratulations on the contract! And I'm liking this new story, too.
Jillian said…
Very nice week's work! I love this story and I always look forward to seeing what you've done.
morgan said…
"if you remain an option, you will never become a priority," hooked me. Would love to feature you on my blog.
S.E said…
botox armpits. I never knew people did thta,

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