Tuesday Tales and Life in a Yellow House

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! Our Tuesday Tales group is writing to a picture prompt this week- 300 words no more/no less. Could you relax in this serene, quaint little cottage? I think I could.  However, maybe not if you're a crime scene clean-up crew. Once again, I'm pleased to return you to my new WIP, the Fantasy Leagues....Book One - Multiple Scorgasms.

"My brothers all work in the family business, so, my parents are in good hands with passing the company along. Unfortunately, it’s a thriving endeavor, so, will be profitable for years to come. Why should I say unfortunately? Because my parents own a biohazard remediation service, also known as crime scene cleanup. My family must be at their best during some of the worst in times.

I don’t think the reasons behind why my parents went into this line of work are terribly important. However, a multiple homicide in our local small town shocked the citizens and the family had nowhere to turn for help getting that mess out of their home. With blood trailed from the front porch to the back deck, not only were the surviving family members in shock, they needed help from someone compassionate, professional, and above all discreet. My parents helped out and I think some fly by night company came in to finish up, but, they didn’t treat the survivors with the same genuine concern that my parents did. So, out of small town tragedy, Service Trauma Professionals, Incorporated was born.

Eventually, S.T.P. grew to encompass some of the larger surrounding communities where more incidents occurred requiring their specialty clean-up. Word of mouth spread through police departments, funeral homes, and the like quickly expanding the demand for my parents’ business. They were popular before CSI came on national network CBS.

However, I have to think the subject of death, murder, suicide, hoarding, drug labs, and decomposing bodies has something to do with my “broke love button” (and no, I don’t mean my sugar plum.That works just fine, thank you, I’ve reaffirmed that time and time again on my own.) Along the way, decomposing bodies became commonplace and blood spatter patterns replaced average dinner conversations." 
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Sarah Cass said…
I absolutely love this. What an interesting business and great insight into your character. Wonderful.
Ros Nazilli said…
This is brilliant and right up my street.

I am really in to crime scenes so loved this piece.. not to mention the intimate place reference.. cute!
Jillian said…
I'm loving this. I think this is a fun career for a character to have and I can't wait to see how it plays out.
Iris Blobel said…
i love the idea of the story and can't wait to read more.
I think we had a series here once based on this idea, not sure what happened to it, though!
Well done :-)
Stefan Ellery said…
great insight to your character's background.

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