Saving Forever - Book 3 - Jasinda Wilder - My Review
Saving Forever *****Snowflakes
by Jasinda Wilder – Book Three in the Ever Trilogy- final installment
Spoiler Alert!  I enjoyed the way the series ended. Cade, Ever, and Cadence are a beautiful, happy family, and it worked for me. By now, you guys all know the entire cast of characters was written doomed with severe personality flaws…so, how are their actions so shocking?
I gave this book 5 snowflakes even though I personally had some questions. The questions I have do not detract from the rating. I’m learning to separate emotion from fact when writing reviews, and it’s made the process more enjoyable.
Jasinda’s writing continues to impress me. The varied verb uses and reaching into the Thesaurus for a creative spin on an old, routine favorite word is a craft of hers. I appreciate her for that.
The storyline is believable. Yes, folks, it is. Cade suffered severe injuries in the wreck. He lost his child and his wife lie in a vegetative state, assumed never to awaken again. So, the twin sister steps up and steps in when he has no one else. Repeat, he has no one else.
This family was doomed for this affair to happen due to circumstances beyond their control. Fate threw Cade and Eden together at the worst possible time, for the worst possible reason. No matter how shocking the pair carries on, I personally would think it odd if neither one made a pass at the other.
Yup. That’s what I said.
Eden nursed Cade and mourned her sister. Cade fell into a depression and missed his wife, his partner, the only person alive who loved him. Plus, these characters were drawn as flawed and highly co-dependent characters, I saw the writing on the wall. Eden had been troubled her entire life.  I never fully understood how and why their father just stepped off the face of the planet. All of a sudden, he was just gone. So, yea, if me as a reader felt confused and abandoned, of course what would Eden feel?
When pregnant Eden disappeared, I wasn’t sure what would happen. That sequence made sense as she was just trying to run and not face the consequences. Of course she was freaked out about how Cade would react…not to mention the most important of all, Ever. She was pregnant with her twin sister’s husbands baby…folks, it doesn’t get much more angst-y than this.
Eden threw herself into the cello and her workouts. However, as much and hard as she ran, I’m shocked she didn’t have a miscarriage. Of course, I don’t think it mattered to her. But, every time she took off in her shoes, I assumed there’s no way a child could gestate successfully inside her intensive body. But, the child persevered.
Toward the end is where I got confused. The time frames seemed off. I couldn’t understand when Eden actually went into labor, it seemed like right after Christmas Eve. When Cade and Ever finally found her at home…it should have been freezing cold. And, it was, they wore coats, but, then, Eden’s six weeks checkup happened and later they were in the boat and eating outside like it was fall. I imagined Michigan in February to be much colder. So, I was thinking too much. Also, the adoption occurred really fast, almost unbelievably fast. But, again, that’s my brain working too hard and just not enjoying the story.
So, it was a satisfying end to a severely dysfunctional group of young adults. Just remember folks, it is only fiction…unless you’re on Jerry Springer (and even that is questionable).


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