Flash Fiction Friday - Don't You Love Sitting in his Lap?

TGIF Fellow Fathomers and welcome to the last day of January 2014. I hope you are staying warm where you are. I skimmed an article today that explained parts of Alaska had warmer weather than parts of the contiguous 48 States. This is crazy. But, all this cold weather does mean you can cuddle with the one you love and keep warm.
And, so the chill of the month is perfect for the picture below. Just how warm do you think these two are? What story do they have to tell? Well, here is my interpretation is just 100 words, no more, no less for this Flash Fiction Friday piece:

“This is how I like it best, when I can look into your eyes and see how much you want me. What happened to that feeling? Where has it been?”

“Stop thinking so much, just enjoy the moment…the here and now. I’ve missed you so much, can’t you tell?”

“I didn’t think we’d ever find ourselves here again, wrapped up in each other. In a way it feels like I don’t know you.”

“Maybe you don’t, Stormi, maybe we needed time. But, that’s over now, and all that matters is how I’m going to make love with you for hours…”

Now that you've read my interpretation, please see what the others have to say about these two lovers locked in an embrace:

It's almost time! Just how will Andrew keep Bea in his world? Look for Sexy Bea Spelling next month! 


Naomi said…
Beautiful flash. So romantic. I hope they enjoy each others loving company for a long time
Doris O'connor said…
Love the fact that they are reconnecting :-)
Jorja Lovett said…
Now that's a reunion :)
Julez S Morbius said…
Romantic and perfectly written
Kyle Ross said…
Could you please remove my image


From the blog, I have not given permission for it's use.


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