Tuesday Tales Staring Into a Mirror- Do We Always Like What We See?

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! Welcome to Tuesday Tales. I introduce you to a new WIP I have going under my sweet pseudonym Allee Mae. It's the 3rd in my YA paranormal romance series the Critter Getters. This book is entitled Finding Love in a Black Lagoon. Our word prompt today is "mirror" and I have plenty I can say with this particular prompt.

Without further ado...please see my snippet with "mirror" as the prompt word.

Owen tried again. “Pearl, is that you?” He parted the underbrush to get a better look. However, he stopped before he made any actual forward progress.

The rest of the group stood back, speechless, and watched Owen’s movements. Owen looked to Caleb for assistance.  Caleb shifted his backpack and moved backward, but he subtly pointed toward the young woman. Owen gulped and nodded. “Hello? My friends and I just want to know if you’re okay.”

With still no response, Leandra got involved. “Hello in there, we just want to know you are safe, then, we will leave.” The young woman still did not move a muscle, not a twitch.

Kalista threw up her hands. “Look, guys, let’s go, obviously, we are in this girls’ space and she wants us gone.” She resumed walking again on the path that led to the main road.

Caleb, then, Leandra fell in line, and they joined Kalista on up the path. But, Owen stayed back, looking helplessly from his friends to the girl sitting cross legged in a clearing of trees. “Aw-right, fine then, I’m outta here. Continue with your mumbo jumbo yoga voo-doo crap.”

“It’s not voo-doo crap and you guys are invading my safe place.” Pearl finally spoke, but didn’t move.

A strange static electricity took over and Owen felt the hair on his arms rise accordingly. The dense air lifted and dried out, filling Owen’s chest rapidly. His lungs expanded and he gasped. The strength of three men filled him, his muscles stretched and he flexed. “Pearl, what’s going on here.”

“Welcome to my world, Owen. It’s just another day in paradise for me.”

A rush filled his veins. His tension lifted and he smiled. Something akin to a drug flowed through Owen from head to toe. Energy boosted his responses, he stepped closer to a still-seated Pearl. “What is this place?” 
Awe filled his tone. “It is paradise.”

“Your friends will want you to leave me.” Pearl spoke matter-of-factly, almost void of emotion.

The air drew from his stomach, as if he’d been sucker punched. He looked rapidly from Pearl to the path his friends had taken. However, he saw no sign of any of them. “Are you still here?” Owen yelled to the rest of his friends. “Listen, everything is good. I’m going to stay with Pearl for a while. I’ll meet up with you at Mr. Richard’s place.” He kept yelling, hoping none of them came back.

Instead, Caleb rushed back toward Owen. “Look, dude, we need to discuss this. Do you really want to stay out in the middle of nowhere?” His feet stopped several feet in front of Owen. Caleb pushed, but, only swayed front to back, his feet could not go another step further. The air on Caleb’s head pulled strangely toward the sky.

 “What the hell is this? I can’t move.” As if a giant balloon continued to rub against his head, static electricity surrounded him, embracing his limbs. His arms pulled strangely toward the direction Pearl sat. “This can’t be safe.”

Owen smiled and rolled his shoulders back. “This is amazing dude. Have you ever felt anything like this before?”

“We need to leave.”  Caleb pulled backward out of the circle of energy. “Owen, come on.”

“I’m fine, Caleb. I want to stay here with Pearl. I’ll meet you later.”

“You look like the Heat Meiser, man. I don’t want you to blow up or something.”

The electric sensation stopped and the chorus of frogs, crickets, birds, and other bugs began again. Both Caleb and Owen regained their full mobility. Owen stretched his hands out and gazed at them in amazement. “Whatever she is doing, I want to learn.” Owen sat down next to Pearl. “I mean it.” He looked at Caleb decisively. “I’ll be good.”

Caleb ground his back teeth. “Dude, this can’t be, you know, okay.”

"I don't know about you, but, I can look in a mirror and be just fine with the things I've done. Owen is just as safe with me as he is with you.” Pearl slowly looked directly into Owen’s direction. “He is a good person. No harm will come to him. I guarantee it.”

“As if that makes me feel any better.”

Owen’s expression softened. “You go on ahead. I’d like to stay here and spend some time talking with Pearl.”

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V.L. Locey said…
Great excerpt! I was a huge fan of the Miser Brothers. =)
Sarah Cass said…
I loved this. Excellent descriptions! I could picture everything so clearly. :)
Stefan Ellery said…
wonderful piece. I am curious to know more about Pearls power.
Lindsay said…
Love that Owen is staying with Pearl wanting to learn more about her
Jean Joachim said…
A fabulous fantasy! Can't wait to find out what it is Pearl has and is controlling. This is a creative story, unique, and I'm loving it.
Jillian said…
yep, you intrigued me with this week's post. I'm curious about Pearl!
morgan said…
Lovely excerpt. This whole series should be a best seller, no doubt.
Anonymous said…
I love, love, love your new start here! As a firm believer in the power of energy (not that I can manifest very well lol) I'm intrigued with this story and want to know more.
Loved it!

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