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Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! This week's Tuesday Tales prompt is the word "smooth". Please see how I use "smooth" in my new WIP erotic romance, Sexy Bea Spelling. Our heroine, Bea, uses a week to lose her inhibitions, but, did she lose her heart as well?

Craig, Bea, Andrew, and John prepared for their meeting with Andrew Goode at the OSHA office. John would introduce the outline of the findings, then excuse himself. With sweaty palms, Bea kept smoothing down her black pinstripe pantsuit and paced a short jaunt behind her desk. Bea had not spoken to Andrew since their heated telephone conversation several days prior. Tammy had told Bea to dress to kill and wear red lipstick. “Show this guy who’s boss. Bring him to his knees in your sexy power suit. I promise you he won’t know what to do.”

Craig signaled to Bea from the aisle way between desks. He motioned for her to meet him toward John’s office. Bea hesitated and Craig pointed anxiously at his watch. Bea grabbed her water bottle and almost stumbled all the way meeting him. “I should not have worn these heels today, bad idea.” She mumbled under her breath.
John spoke quickly. “I won’t be in here long, but, I’ve already had a call from Goode’s attorney. They are fully prepared to legally dispute any action we have to shut them down for compliance issues. Frankly, I didn’t see anything egregious enough to close their job site. Do I have everything you wrote up?”
“Yes, sir, you have our entire report and findings. I would agree that what we found would not warrant a shut down.” Craig looked to Bea and shrugged his shoulders.
Bea interjected, “As long as he corrects the issues we did find.”
John nodded his head, “Of course, he can’t just thumb his nose at us. But, after his response period, I expect you two will go back out and everything will be fine.”
“Sounds Goode to me, then we can file this one away.” Craig winked in Bea’s direction. 
“Your ridiculous joke isn’t lost on me Craig. Don’t quit your day job here at OSHA, I don’t think you’d make it as a comic.” John shook his head. “I won’t be in your meeting very long, I’ll just give my short spiel and then you two will take over. I have a conference call just after your meeting with Mr. Goode starts.”
Craig and Bea walked to the gathering room. Bea’s shakiness vibrated the manila folder she held in her hand. Her feet wobbled in the uncustomary pumps and her complexion became a strange shade of light green. Craig grabbed Bea gently by the wrist. “Bea, you’ve got to pull it together. I don’t give a rat’s ass what this Goode character thinks about it, but, John will notice right away.”
Bea reached up to give Craig a friendly hug, “Thank you Craig, I’m very glad you’re here. Tell Tammy you had my back again today.”
Andrew walked up just at that moment. “Well, well, well, are all OSHA inspectors so friendly? Did you guys give my foreman a welcome like that? I personally detest hugs and people in my private space. Unless, of course, I’m on vacation, then it doesn’t matter.” He looked pointedly in Bea’s direction.
Craig stepped away from Bea and extended his hand out toward Andrew for a shake. “Mr. Goode, I presume? Nice to meet you, I’m Craig Daniels. This is my colleague, Bea Spelling.” Craig introduced Bea with a gracious arm extension.
“Craig…Daniels? I might have heard your name before. You and Bea, are work partners?”
Craig furrowed his brow and shook his head in the affirmative. “Yes, we are work partners, for several years now.”
“Bea Spelling? Hmm, have we met before? I’m getting this very weird sense of déjà vu that I know you very well somehow?”

“No, I don’t think so.” Bea returned quietly, offering a limp hand to shake. 
"Now that you've read my contribution to TT, please visit my creative friends over at our main blog, Tuesday Tales for their take on our word prompt "smooth". 

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Sarah said…
Oh, poor Bea...she wants so badly to be strong, but she's a bit of a wreck :)
It sounds like a power play with Bea trying her best to prove herself. Good conflict!
Tricia Andersen said…
Excellent post! The tension is awesome. I can't wait to see what happens with their meeting!
Lindsay said…
Love it. Wonder what's going to happen at the meeting.
Iris B said…
Loving this story! Can't wait for more.
Stefan Ellery said…
Oh, oh. I wonder if this person has met Bea before and she does not recognize him.

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