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Falling Into You by Jasinda Wilder – Book One to the Parallel Follow Up Novel Falling Into Us
This read-in-a-couple days book is the first full length I’ve read by Jasinda Wilder. After I saw the news piece featuring Jasinda, I felt a respect and admiration for her. So, I read a few of her short free novellas and enjoyed her writing style. I downloaded Falling Into You and gave it a chance.  From the news story, I appreciated where her spark for writing began. I do not know her personally, but, by the publicized accounts, she really opened up about her personal life. From the outside looking in, and my perspective, it became crystal clear the initial drive for employment does not truly seem to generate her intensity. All along, this smart, spunky lady had a writer’s heart and no matter how difficult the road, fate intervened, and a broken road led her to her true calling as an author. Of which readers should be thankful.
 I usually do not prefer first person narratives, but, Ms. Wilder’s reflective writing style did not disappoint me in this particular book. I like descriptors, good scene/character development, and closing a scene. She did a very good job of each of those. She wrote from the viewpoint of each the hero and heroine, Colton and Nell, giving an honest thoughtful perspective from their important points of view.
Ms. Wilder fully develops characters from the beginning and takes a dramatic twist just when the fairytale story seemed to reach the end. I appreciated the subtle way she described intimacy between young lovers, without going overboard with lurid details. It maintained the innocence of their very adult unions.
Following a pivotal plot twist, Nell goes down a potentially destructive path, and even though we fast forward in time, I didn’t need the day by day breakdown of her psyche. As a reader, I understood full well how broken her heart, and life,  when we meet up with Nell again.  
Ms. Wilder introduced Colton in a mysterious way and when I finally read his POV, I felt more connected to him than many heroes in books I’ve read lately. When Nell and Colton finally heat up the pages, Ms. Wilder appropriately turns up the passion between two adults beginning a true love affair. She describes sex scenes with imagination and tasteful details, leaving little to the imagination.
I’ll admit, to me, this book had many clichés that could have been sappy or redundant, but, in Falling Into You, every cliché works and is truly believable, twisting the saga of happiness, love, grief, anger, and sadness in just the right way. I commend Ms. Wilder on a very adult read that made me think, contemplate, and yearn for such young passion again.


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