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Ahoy Fellow Fathomers and welcome to The Locker for a tasty dessert treat. Please also visit my fellow SCP authors for your chance to win several prizes and find some decadent recipes. My recipe today is a tried and true breakfast favorite I've shared many times with my loved ones. I ate this delicious variation at a restaurant in Denver, CO and decided to make my own recipe to serve from my kitchen.  I even won a cooking contest and my recipe was featured in our electric co-op magazine publication. You can win something TOO-- Comment below for your entry for a $10 SCP gift certificate!  Enjoy!

Frisky French Toast

1 pint strawberries*
2 tablespoons plus additional sugar

4 slices cinnamon swirl bread

4 eggs

1/4 cup milk

2 teaspoons cinnamon

4 slices Canadian bacon

2 slices baby Swiss cheese

Powdered sugar
Slice strawberries and add just enough sugar to create a natural strawberry syrup from the juices. Let stand. Mix eggs with milk, cinnamon and sugar in shallow bowl. Dip each slice of bread in egg mixture, fully coating both sides. Fry in skillet lightly coated with cooking spray until lightly browned. Add Canadian bacon to skillet and cook until warmed through. Immediately layer two slices bacon and slice of cheese between warm French toast. Put on plate and top with strawberries and enough syrup to drip over sides. Dust with powdered sugar.
*Prepared frozen strawberries can be substituted when fresh are not available. After thawing, the strawberries have a great natural syrup.

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SherryGLoag said…
Drooling :-)This sound scrumptious.
sherrygloag @gmail dot com
Tracey Steinbach said…
My family would love this!!

Sarah said…
Well now I have to make this tomorrow...canadian bacon, swiss cheese, french toast? 3 of my favorite things!!
Jeanine said…
Always liked french toast.
M. S. Spencer said…
Wow, a recipe from all food groups! Meredith
Ginny Lynn said…
Love your name - as I am a pirate kind of girl. And the recipe must be tried on my werewolf.

Thanks and )))Corset Hug(((
Melissa Keir said…
This is perfect for a beautiful morning in Michigan! Yummy!
Jillian said…
sounds divine. Love the name!
Karen Cino said…
A delicious spin on French Toast. My kids are going to love this one. We love breakfast for dinner!
What a delectable breakfast treat! Thanks for sharing that idea.
Lindsay said…
Love this recipe. Simple and delicious
Tamara Hoffa said…
Love french toast! yummy
Kenzie Michaels said…
I've not had French toast in a while....may have to make some Monday morning!

Eva's Flowers said…
Love french toast, sometimes it tastes even better when it's not for breakfast either.

Love french toast but never thought of making a sandwich with cheese and ham. Sounds yummy!!!

Davee, I have never heard of that type of French toast but we are huge FT lovers here at our house and that sounds divine!

libertyannireland at gmail.com
YUM! These sound really GOOD!

MinDaf @aol.com
Tamara Monteau said…
Great recipe! Mmmmmm! I'll have to go buy some Texas-sliced bread. We like our French toast thick.
Beckey said…
That seems like it'll be delicious...

Thanks for sharing

Book Attict said…
Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
elizabeth @ bookattict . com
Davee said…
Eva! you are the lucky winner! I will email the gift certificate to you. Thank you all for visiting!


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