My Medicated Mid-Life #teamHumira...maybe

My Medicated Mid-Life
There’s nothing more humbling than taking a child’s pose in yoga.
For real. I mean, taking a break in a yoga class seems like the wuss way out. But, today, I had to do just that. Take a child’s pose. My feet were cramping up something horrible during balance poses. My hamstrings stretched crankily, balking when I folded over.
My eagle had landed. Pun intended.
In class, I was torn between feeling so much joy that I was there, at least doing what I could and crying because my body wasn’t cooperating. At moments, I felt like I was failing in a world I use to govern. A few years ago, I pushed myself, doing just a few more seconds in plank, running a few more minutes, lifting a stronger weight. Now, I’m lucky to sweat.
I relish when I sweat.
I’m ecstatic when I sweat.

I’ll repeat what I said last week:
“I try to remind myself to perform at least gentle stretching exercises every day. Living with RA and fibromyalgia make body movements critical and necessary to well-being. Taking the time for a few stretches helps the ache the next day.”
Yesterday, I took the cycling class and for about 25 minutes, I made my legs push forward. I pretended I was in control again, and not the pain leading the way. So, that was probably one reason my body griped, groaned, and stiffened when I tried to stretch and take the poses.
Our bodies remind us it’s essential to keep moving.
I’m hoping that getting back into a regular routine will lessen the stiffness and soreness I now experience. For now, it’s mind over matter.
And, yes, it does matter.


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