Tuesday Tales, the Eye of the Tiger...

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! This week our group writes to the teasing word, Tiger. From Steal My Heart, a new WIP for a new series.

"Who needs a tiger when we have a cougar?" Nixie wrinkled her nose never taking her eyes off the beautiful woman and her obviously younger companion. “What am I doing wrong?”

“You aren’t wrong, absolutely nothing is wrong with you. Will you be easier on my poor best friend?” Carolyn snacked on popcorn, staring into the tiger enclosure. “You had a great idea to come to the zoo, it’s been way too long. I guess I’ve been way too stressed out.”

“Nothing like childhood to bring a smile, huh?” Finally turning around away from the snuggling couple, she snagged a few pieces of popcorn from Carolyn’s bucket. “Today, we don’t think about men, wine, money, business, or being an adult. We pretend we are young again, when these creatures fascinated us.”

“We are supposed to not think about men when you just described them perfectly? You know, creatures, but, maybe not fascinate me as much as irritate me.”

“You’re still judging all men by some glied-face named Charles. We should ban the name Charles from our vocabulary.”

“As good as done, I won’t ever use that name again. At least not today, not on such a beautiful day.”

Before the sun beat down relentlessly from the clear mid-western sky, the girls took the opportunity to visit a nearby zoo. The early morning dew still sparkled on blades of green grass. Smells of enclosures without the harsh stench of wildlife invigorated promise of the warming day. Animals readied for guests , if not domesticated, at least accustomed to human presence. The heat drove them inside shades or quasi-caves making morning the perfect time for the girls to visit. Neither one had been to a zoo in years, evidenced by youthful enthusiasm, frequent giggles, and pointing in many directions.

“Why can’t things be as simple as today, all the time?”
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Sarah Cass said…
Aw, i love a good trip to the zoo. Hoping to do that tomorrow, actually :D Lovely little scene.
Their carefree spirited trip to the zoo and "back in time" is just what they needed-- and what we all need sometimes. I very much enjoyed this refreshing scene.
V.L. Locey said…
Such a refreshing snippet! Something we all need from time to time.
Jean Joachim said…

Great use of the word prompt. And yes, I agree, why can't life be simpler from time to time. Great scene between these friends.
Iris Blobel said…
Lovely snippet. Well done.
Jillian said…
The first sentence is awesome. I love it. Cute use of the prompt. AND I love the banning of Charles from the vocab. My former bro-in-law was named Charles, LOL
Joselyn Vaughn said…
The opening line is great!
Tricia Andersen said…
I love this description and the way these friends get along. Hmmm...am I familiar with this series?? 😉

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