Tuesday Tales and a Reason to Celebrate

Happy January Tuesday Tales... Today, I return to my current WIP, Personal Fouls, Book 3
for my Fantasy Leagues series. This week our group writes to the following celebratory picture prompt:

"I can tell you’re a gentle soul, full of kindness and love.”
“I appreciate that. Your opinion is important to me.”
“I’d like to call you my brother, would that be too forward?”
Sharlyn stunned me.  we obviously inherited no familial horrific tendencies. We had same manner of thought, compassion, and love. I’d secretly hoped she’d want to include me in her family, now, she was asking for my permission. “I’d really like that…sis.”
“We have so much catching up on. All the water balloon fights, pillow fights, spooky campfire stories, trips to the zoo, April Fools’ jokes.”
“Does your older brother harass you this much? Is that what you think siblings do?” I gave her a noogie on her top of her head.
“Absolutely! You know, he wants to get to know you too. You two will be brothers by association with me, the most important girl in your world.”
“I give up a liver and get a sister and a brother. I think it’s a fair trade.”
“You’re darn right it’s a fair trade. You’re older than Paul, so, you’ve got to be the good example.”
“I’m not sure I’m ready to be an example, that’s a big responsibility.”
“Too late, we’re gonna be watching you to blaze a trail. Don’t mess up.”
“I’m sure you’ll set me straight.”
“You’re learning more and more about me all the time.” She took off on a powerwalk, laughing the entire way.

I counted my blessings to be part of something I didn’t have growing up, gifts I would always celebrate. Blood meant nothing when it came to loyalties. Loyalties were about choices. As much as these two expected to learn from me, the lessons were menial compared to what I already learned from Sharlyn- unconditional love and faith made us invincible. 

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Tuesday Tales


What a great scene with family connection and true emotion. I love his feeling of wonder about it.
Jean Joachim said…
Very powerful scene and emotions here. Interesting juxtaposition of what's stronger, love by choice or love by blood. Well done.
Carolyn Gibbs said…
Sounds like a great story with emotional impact. Loved the lively rapport between them.
V.L. Locey said…
Wow, what a powerful scene! Well done.
Karen Cino said…
So much emotions flew off my computer. This powerful scene left me yearning for more.
morgan said…
Lovely interaction between the two.
Jillian said…
This is great. I love the acceptance and love that flows here. Well done.

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