Tuesday Tales and a Gray Area Beginning 2015

Happy December Tuesday Tales... Today, I return to my current WIP, Personal Fouls,
book 3 for my Fantasy Leagues series. This week our group writes to the word prompt, gray. Who is getting family history from a concerned Auntie?


“He was sleeping around as soon as he hit puberty. Somehow, he possessed the charm to drop panties. Surely, he wasn’t careful enough to always use protection. He was never worried about the end game.”

“Did you ever talk with my mom about any of this? Maybe try to warn her?” Stuck in the middle between guarding my mother’s honor and allowing her free will pinned me into a corner. “Did he ever love my mom?”

“Absolutely! He loved your mom. They married with the best of intentions and made great business partners. I thought possibly she might tame his savage ways. He was loyal longer than I thought he would be.”

“What happened?”

“Dammit, this is gonna be a tough delivery, so bear with me. When your mom became pregnant with you, apparently, she didn’t feel very…frisky, if you know what I mean.”

“He couldn’t keep it holstered nine months?”

“She came to me crying one day with a stereotypical tale. While doing laundry, she found a matchbook in his pocket with a phone number written on it. He didn’t do a very good job of hiding it. I think he knew she wouldn’t leave while pregnant, so, he tested the waters. Your father learned how far he could push boundaries. Eventually, he pushed her right out of the bedroom.”

Anger, shame, guilt all boiled like a responsive stew from the bottoms of my feet to the top of my head. “It was my fault, her life turned to a gray area. Does my mom blame me?”

Adelaide smacked the top of my head. “Are you daft? Of course she didn’t blame you. I can’t believe you even asked me that. Stop with the poor me, or the conversation is over. Your father is a sociopath. He has always been on his side, never did he really consider anyone else, not even you.”

I’m quite sure the ends of my hair stood up from the static electricity of her words, a sociopath? Hell no, not my father. “Auntie, my father is a selfish asshole, now an incapacitated asshole, but, he isn’t some machete wielding wacko.”

“Sociopaths, psychopaths, serial killers, those can be three very separate states of being. Your father was selfish, manipulative, self-centered, narcissistic, arrogant, and lacked empathy, would you agree?”

“I think you nailed all of his better qualities.”

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V.L. Locey said…
Wow, that mans sounds like a real gem. Good stuff!
Great excerpt. Dynamic wording! Love the holstered reference.
Mary Terrani said…
I'm with Flossie. Love the holstered reference. Sounds like this guys needs a good kick in the rear
Jean Joachim said…
Wow, those do describe a sociopath. But the criminal element has to be there, too. He sounds like a rotter for sure. And yes, loved the "holstered" comment. Perfect! Great scene.
Jillian said…
love it. especially the last part and the holstered part. Sadly, I've known some pregnant ladies married to the same kind of jackass.
morgan said…
Lovely description, which sounds a bit like one of my relatives.
Anonymous said…
Great! Love the phrase he 'possessed the charm to drop panties'!

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