Life By the Sea...Ahhhh...Tuesday Tales

Happy Hot Tuesday and another edition of Tuesday Tales. Today, I return to my current WIP, Multiple Scorgasms for my Fantasy Leagues series. Sensitive Finn examines his feelings for as we all write to the word prompt, "sea".

I had only talked with Danika twice in my life, but, both times she struck something so familiar in me, it made me want more. My words came naturally and I didn’t need to seek out something to say. During the times we chatted, we never once resorted to simple time fillers such as talking about the weather or what other dating sites we had tried. We went beyond a simple answer and found common ground to expand upon the usual speed dating fodder.

I wasn’t sure when I would go on a date with Danika. I’d already decided that even if we never matched up in the weekly poll, we were going out before the end of the season. I couldn’t wait thirteen weeks to have a meaningful period of time with her. I tried to squash my feelings of inadequacy, but, knowing she was in medical school made it tough when she was living my dream. I wasn’t jealous, but, I was definitely envious. I wanted to know more about the young woman whose interests were so similar to my own.

Danika was the kind of girl I could be friends with. While I found her beautiful and charming, it was her warmth and personality that struck me first. I didn’t want to stalk her or scare her off, but, I wasn’t going to walk away easily. I had a feeling she didn’t date much, although she could have her pick of any number of guys, especially from medical school. She had this no-nonsense vibe which suited me fine and unless I was completely off base, that meant she would be direct and unafraid to speak her mind. In a sea full of helpless, irresponsible human beings, Danika was a breath of hope and life.

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Love the title! His determination is admirable, and I look forward to seeing him in action with pursuing her.
V.L. Locey said…
I`m once more in agreement with Flossie. I can`t wait to see him in action!
Jamie Salisbury said…
yes,Ican't wait to see him in action. He seems pretty determined.
Sarah Cass said…
What a beautiful description. I love the whole thing.
Iris Blobel said…
Interesting snippet today ... Well done on writing in first person.
Jillian said…
Love the use of the prompt. This story is going well. I'm intrigued.
morgan said…
Enjoyed seeing his view of Danika. It really drew me into the tale.
Jean Joachim said…
Love his analysis of her, and getting into his head to see how he thinks.

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