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Ahoy Fellow Fathomers and welcome to the Secret Cravings Publishing Five Favorite Things blog hop! For your chance to win, comment on my blog for a "Get Warm this Winter" gift basket. Please leave your name and email address for contact information. Then follow the link to our SCP Facebook page and comment there for chances to win other prizes! Secret Cravings Publishing Reader's Page and Secret Cravings Fan Page. If that isn't enough, please visit the SCP blog for more chances!!  Secret Cravings Blog

Each participating SCP author lists their 5 favorite things and although this sounds easy, I love so many things, it is actually hard for me to narrow down to just 5!!  But, I'll give it a shot...

5.  A favorite SCP book-
Obviously, I will post my favorite book released by SCP. This is difficult in itself, because as a writer, I actually do not have much time to read. Ultimately, there are many more SCP books and authors I want to experience than what I have to date, so narrowing the field to one book is the hardest choice on this list. I decided to go with the first SCP I ever read and that honor goes to....Kellie Kamryn for Monkeys, Sex, and Other Birthday Surprises...this delightful, playful romp is as full of sexually charged energy as smiles. You should check it out, along with Kellie's other releases. She's burning up the eBook trade these days.

Amazon Purchase Link

4.  A favorite food--
Hands down, I gotta say it's my Grandma Helen's biscuits and gravy. OMGoodness...thinking about it now makes me miss the family Rockin' Chair Ranch, also affectionately known as the Cattle Company. She raised us on good ole' fashioned southern comfort food. Just thinking about it now also reminds me of her chicken and dumplings, but, alas, I'm limited to one on this list. I sure love my Gma, and not for her cooking, but, because she is the most awesome lady I know.

Gma Helen and my two awesome sister-loves, Chrisee and Jewel

3.  A favorite activity--
My love of sports began in high school and mushroomed into one activity after another. Watching my son, Aaron, play baseball (they won the Colorado state little league championship one year), son,Devin, play basketball, and now my daughter, Allee, play softball and volleyball, keeps me motivated. I began running 5K races with my husband, Alan, and even participated in a few triathlons. All this combined helps me maintain my health to keep up with favorite number 4, eating my gma's great food! :)

Me and The Husband after a triathlon

Allee serving up volleyball

2. A favorite place--
I-70 take me where I want to go...
Knowing how much I love my Oklahoma roots and the family ranch, that's a given I would always consider it home and my favorite place. But, I have a new adopted favorite place that brings me comfort and delight EVERY single time I go there....Colorado and the Rocky Mountains.

The view from Buffalo Overlook, the first peek at the majesty
Hiking St Mary's Glacier, the view from up high
Just outside our favorite restaurant and brew pub
We visit as often as possible, usually once during each season of the year. With so much to offer, we just never have enough time. We always manage to make it to our favorite brewery, Tommyknockers, though. The beer and buffalo burgers have my mouth watering already....If you ever find yourself in Idaho Springs, Colorado, I guarantee you it's worth the visit.

1. My favorite Thing----
drum roll here....if you know me very well, you would have already guessed this one. But, my absolute, number one favorite thing in the world is....SNOW. Snowflakes are the most beautiful thing in the world to me. Amazing, crystalline, fragile, fluffy elements of nature- so distinctive and gorgeous. I love snowflakes so much, I have three tattooed on my lower back.
Unlike a rainstorm, when the weather predicts a snowfall overnight, the quiet, almost magical, arrival comes without loud thundering or lightning cracks across the sky.  Peeking out the window, from the dry, barren ground of the day before, to awaken to a newly blanketed white world truly warms me from head to toe.
Us skiing during a snowfall
I could sit and watch the snow fall for hours, it's silent, wondrous, and peaceful.
Ready to cross country ski in Montana...niece, Gina-Belle dubiously watching

Once again in a snowfall on the slopes with The Husband

Now, to just get some photos of individual snowflakes, that's a job for my photographer husband, Alan. :) Maybe on our next trip in January to Colorado.

Thank you for indulging my 5 favorite things list. Please comment below for your chance to win and I would LOVE to hear some of your favorite things!


Kellie Kamryn said…
OH wow! I had no idea it was one of the first books you'd read from SCP! I am truly honored :)

And if you like snow - I've got lots here where I live in Canada for you. Although, not many hills to ski on, LOL

Happy Holidays! Great post :)
Carolyn Wren said…
Snow! I live in Western Australia and we certainly do not get snow. In fact we will be spending Christmas at the beach. Your snow pictures are wonderful, I am envious.
Cheryl said…
Snow, sorry but I really don't like it & we tend to get a lot of it in northeast Ohio. I prefer the beach myself. The favorite sport is hockey in our house. My husband & daughter both play & if there wasn't a NHL lock out we'd be at a Pittsburgh Penguins game. I don't think I have a favorite food because I love food a lot & I guess that's why my weight is slighter more than it should be.
Jillian said…
SNOW is awesome - I don't get to see it much, but I love it.
Eva's Flowers said…
I love your choices, here are a few of mine:

1. my kindle
2. my iPod
3. Tea
4. seeing my nieces smile/laugh
5. my mom's cooking!

Davee, good choices! My husband and son are both crazy about biscuits and gravy. Beautiful pictures! It's nice to get to know you.
I love baseball too, and since I have a daughter, one of my favorite things is watching her play. She was an All-Star this year...I was so proud. :) Thanks for sharing all the pictures. I enjoyed them all.
going to the lake and swiming in the fresh water
kaholgate at ymail dot com
Anonymous said…
My five favorite things:

5. Traveling anywhere aimlessly with my family
4. A brand new romance, sci-fi, or paranormal book on my Kindle
3. A really REALLY great cup of coffee coupled with equally great conversation with a new friend
2. The sound of laughter and warm hugs and kisses from my two boys
1. Making love with/to my husband... anytime!
Alyson LaBarge said…
Davee,it was so fun to see what your favorite things are. I have to agree with your taste a lot. Snow, the Rockies, action, down home ranch food, and Kellie's book would all be somewhere on my list of faves! Have fun in CO. in January!!

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