Contest Give-Away Weekend! Try Your Luck!

(I do not own a red and white striped cap, or else maybe I'd post a picture rockin' one.)

Where’s Waldo? No, not really, Fellow Fathomers, but, Where in the World is Davee Jones? That’s the big question! This weekend The Locker hosts another great giveaway contest sponsored by my publisher, Secret Cravings Publishing. The lucky winner from my blog will receive a PDF copy of Ruby’s Dance.
How many of you really think about where you’re from? So many times I host visitors and they want to see and do some of the many activities available within my location. (Although I proclaim myself a tried and true Okie, I no longer live in my home state of Oklahoma.) However, I’m almost embarrassed to admit I, myself, have not explored as much of my adopted home turf as some visitors or tourists! I encourage, or maybe even challenge, you to choose something within a days’ drive of your hometown and experience something brand new!
Now, on to try to guess- Where is Davee?
Ø  “My” airport is larger than New York City’s Manhattan Island
Ø  The deadliest natural disaster in American history occurred in my state
Ø  Kristin shot J.R. in my adopted town
Where Am I???? (post your guess in the comments section, including your email address for a chance to win! Also, please confirm if you will allow me to add your email to my email list. Then, click on the link to the Secret Cravings blog for your chance to win from other participating authors.)

Remember to look for my upcoming release- Lovedust and Trailblazers this November!


Sherry Gloag said…
:-) This could get embarressing as I (whispers) never watched the program, but I think the answer is Dallas.
(SG now skulks off before she's lynched)
Jean said…
I'm piggybacking on Sherry's answer and saying "Dallas". Of course that's cheating. So you don't need to enter me. But I had to stop by! Good luck with your new book. Love that cover!!
Ann Q said…
You live in Dallas, Texas
Tamara Monteau said…
I've been to the Dallas Ft. Worth airport many times. It's freakin' HUGE! I once had to hot-foot it from the end of one concourse to the far end of another with a toddler in my arms and one on the way. Luckily, the plane was waiting on us when we arrived, breathless and thankful we didn't miss the flight.
You are definitely in Dallas Texas.
Carolyn Gibbs said…
You're in Dallas Texas. I didn't know the airport was that big :)
nancy said…
You sure didn't move far from OK did you? Just over the river to Texas.
Dallas, TX. The last clue really gave it away, lol. My Dad and I used to watch the show all the time when I was a kid. Good clues, Davee!
Davee, I will say Dallas Texas.
Eva's Flowers said…
Unless I was googling incorrectly, it said you would be in Galveston.

The deadliest natural disaster in American history occurred
JL Hammer said…
Dallas, Texas. I still can't believe she shot J.R. I used to watch that show with my mom :)
Angie Adair said…
Texas! Angie in Illinois
Molly Daniels said…
Dallas, TX. Couldn't wait for summer to end so we could find out!!!
Mel Bourn said…
Dallas, Texas....I love Texas and hope to live there one day.
bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

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