Is It His Finger or Not? Tuesday Tales return to Blue Ink

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! Happy Tuesday and time for another edition of Tuesday Tales. This week I take you back to my current paranormal WIP, Blue Ink-The Skin Stalker. For our journey to the unknown, I present the word prompt "finger".

“They arrived at the police station before Colin drew any conclusions of his own.  Colin followed the officers inside and they seated him at a table in a small windowless room.
The Skin Stalker watched everything unfold with a glint in his wicked catlike eye.  He knew the bag had no fingerprints because he had none to leave.  Before he left the bag, he briefly thought of lifting one of Colin’s prints to place on it just to screw with him.  However, it was just as much fun to mess with the authorities as they feebly bumbled around trying to catch the “bad guy.” 
Chaos kept The Skin Stalker churning with amusement.
Colin remained in that room for two hours before anyone got back to speak with him.  During his wait, an investigator brought him coffee and offered him a restroom break.  Colin alternated between pacing and sitting.  Fatigue finally overtook him and his head lolled down toward the table in front of him.  Abruptly, an apparition of Hannah appeared next to him, in his line of vision just to the left.  She smiled in Colin’s direction. “It’s peaceful here.” She vanished just as quickly as she appeared.  Colin snapped awake with a jolt and short grunt. 
Every once in a while, the officers looked to the monitor showing a full view of the room Colin sat in.  Luckily, no one saw his violent awakening after his vision of Hannah.  However, they had their own opinions of Colin.  “He looks like a slick asshole, don’t you think?”  One of them who rode with Colin to the station said to his partner.  
The other ride along officer played devil’s advocate. “Yea, but, too much of a pretty boy to kill anyone, probably a pansy, but, these days, you just never know.”    
Now that you've read my contribution to TT, please visit my creative friends over at our main blog, Tuesday Tales for their take on "finger"!


Sherry Gloag said…
This is such a 'creepy' story and this is another great scene.
V.L. Locey said…
A great scene from a very 'creepy' tale as Sherry said. Nicely done!
Lindsay said…
I wonder how and when the police are going to catch him.
Jean said…
I feel the evil lurking. A pretty boy can't be a killer? Probably not. I'm not to scared to want to follow this story yet...though I might be at some point! Well done.
Karen said…
So much evil jumping off the page. Awesome tale.

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