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Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! It's time for Tuesday Tales.

A group of writers gather together and give our interpretation of a specific word prompt each week. Once per month, we even write to an image.  You never know what you might encounter when you get inside our minds. This week our group writes to the word- track This will be an excerpt from my new WIP for a new romance contemporary, What the Storm Didn't Take.


It was then I realized I hadn't selected a focal point. During the classes, my mom and I chose something readily available at the time. I don't know why I hadn't selected something specific. Details became lost in my sluggish attempt at getting through each day without crying. I wanted something that would inadvertently soothe me, and take my thoughts somewhere pleasant. Spontaneously, a recollection appeared of Conner holding up that paper bag. I knew then my focal point needed to be an item from a happier time. I needed that little plastic Chewbacca.

The next time the nurse came into the room, I asked her to retrieve it. "Would you please get into that top drawer for me? I need my focal point for my breathing. I'm going to go with a toy."

Chuckling, the nurse complied. "I used a stuffed animal when I was in labor. My best friend brought a Care Bear for me to use. I guess it was comforting."

She relieved some of my self-consciousness when she admitted to using a toy as well. "Thank you, sounds like you get it."

"Labor is a challenge, one of the most rewarding challenges you'll face. You're going to get through this. Remember your breathing and everything you learned from the classes and your books. Where would you like me to put this little guy." Holding up the little brown action figure, she looked around the room.

I appreciated she didn’t mention Garrett or my horrible situation. She treated me like a run of the mill woman giving birth and I valued her for it. "I think on my tray table next to the bed will be fine. If we need to move it later, we can."

Anticipating I wouldn't stay in the same position for very long, I'd knew I'd need to move around a little bit, especially when these pains got worse. By then someone would be there to help me. Someone better be my coach, my mother. "Will you hand me my phone? I think it's charged enough now I can call my mom."

The nurse handed me the phone, leaving the room to give me some privacy. When mom didn't answer, I left a voicemail, also sending a text message. Settling back into the pillows, I listened to the rapid beat of my child's heart is monitor speakers. I checked the time on my phone to get an idea of how far apart these contractions were. I guessed seven minutes was an average as best I could tell. The monitor was keeping track anyway. A little sleepy, I closed my eyes hoping for a little catnap before the rolling pain struck again.

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Karen Cino said…
Oh no. No coach? I hope her mom gets there in time to help her. I also liked how you used the little brown figure as her focal point. Nicely done.
Oh my gosh, I am glad she seeks support in the little ways she can-- such as with the nurse. Looking forward to more.
This brings back so many memories. Well done.
Jean Joachim said…
The birth of a baby is so exciting! Great writing. I felt I could hear the monitor beep!
Trisha Faye said…
Nice snippet - except now I'm worried about where Mama is. I loved the little Chewbacca part.

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