Tuesday Tales and a Picture is Worth 300 Words

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! This week our group writes to a photo prompt. As usual, we only have 300 words to accompany the visual prompt. We had a few images to choose from, giving a little more creative freedom.

 I chose the following picture, as it fit in better with my 300 word snippet.   This will be an excerpt from Twister Fate, a new WIP for a new romance contemporary.

-The summer before my freshman year of high school was exciting and scary. I spent most of the days with my best friend, Cameron Murphy. Cameron and I had been friends since the first grade. Although we became closer that last summer we spent together. Before he moved away, breaking my young heart.
We spent hours drifting down the river on inner tubes, laughing and splashing our way down the lazy current. The sunburns couldn’t quell our excitement to be alone in swimsuits, as my body gave me impulses to be closer to his skin. Fear coupled as deeply with curiosity to understand what the adults found indescribably euphoric.
Growing up with Cameron gave me a comforting trust within our blossoming friendship. When he held my hand for the first time, my heart fluttered and I understood what butterflies really did to a human stomach. Underneath a large oak tree, Cameron tentatively leaned forward, kissing my lips. I think I closed my eyes to close out everything but the feeling on my mouth. He pulled away, his cheeks redder than my sunburned shoulders.
Taking our time, we didn’t rush anything that summer, we assumed we had the rest of our lives to explore further. We didn’t want to ruin the closeness we’d established during our entire childhood. We spent small bursts of times hidden within the trees, drinking pop and eating sandwiches underneath the cool shade. Just before our mouths got us into trouble, we’d pack up and jump back into the river, cooling the heated coup within my hips.
I’d caught a glimpse more than once of his boyhood erections. I couldn’t decide if I was sad that he hadn’t pressed our physical relationship just a little more.
He probably knew what was going to happen…he had to leave.
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Trisha Faye said…
Nice scene! I like how you described their tentative and young romantic inclinations.

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