Tuesday Tales and Love Birds...ahhh spring

Happy Spring Forward Tuesday Tales... Today, I present my current WIP, Love Birds

This week our group writes to the rather innocuous word, stair. I put a different spin on the usual meaning for their introduction...

"This looks more like a stair step.”
“You’re doing a great job. The birds will love it.”
This do-it-yourself birdhouse looked more like a rectangle shipping box. I can’t believe my cousin talked me into this ridiculous party. “Terri, why did I let you drag me to this?”
“Because you sit home every night watching romantic comedies and drinking your habitual one glass of sweet wine. You gotta get out of that apartment.”
Positioning the nail just right, I poised my hammer to take aim. Raring back, I hit hard- much harder than I should. Especially since the nail dropped out of the little hole leaving my thumb exposed. “Holy shit that hurt!”
“Dang it, Sunni, what did you do?” Terri became all motherly, using her six months older age as a benefit. Inspecting my clamped hand, trying to get a closer look. “Open your fist, let me see.”
“No, the damn thing is pounding like a freaking freight train.”
“Freight trains don’t pound.”
“You’re not helping.” I managed through clenched teeth.
An unfamiliar male voice interrupted my bitching. “Hey, are you okay?”
After several seconds I finally took my eyes off my injury. Oh, dear Lord, he looked like he belonged in a do-it-yourself ad for lonely women.
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V.L. Locey said…
Great post. I love your dialog, it`s always so crisp!
Joselyn Vaughn said…
Great scene! Love this line: he looked like he belonged in a do-it-yourself ad for lonely women.
Kathleen Ball said…
sounds like a fun party- LOL
morgan said…
You left me hanging, wondering what a do it yourself ad for lonely women looked like. LOL
Jean Joachim said…
A new story? What a fabulous last line!! Now you've got me hooked and I can't wait to read more. Great scene. You packed a lot into a little space, too.
Anonymous said…
Great start to a new story! I love it. Especially your last line.
Jillian said…
What a great last line! AND Ouch on the hammer and thumb. Sounds like something I'd do so I totally relate.
Very nice. Wow! He's something.

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