Saturday Sippers with Rebecca Donovan!

Saturday Sippers in The Locker
Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! Welcome to the feature here in The Locker called Saturday Sippers. Oh my goodness, today, THIS Saturday, April 5th, I will have Bubbles with Rebecca Donovan. That is champagne with a beautiful and talented author!  
Right after the Houston Author event, for a half hour, in the bar at the hotel, Rebecca would like to treat the assisting bloggers to some champagne and spend some one-on-one time with us. We can ask her whatever we like, about the industry, about herself, about what bands she's just seen, about what she's writing, or about nothing at all and just spend some down time with her.
My question to you dear readers: What would you ask you favorite author?
Champagne! That’s the drink of today.
Stay tuned here in The Locker because beginning Monday, I’ll have 2 weeks of giveaways!


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