Fibromyalgia is Very Real and I’m Living Proof

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers, I’ve decided to use my blog not only to writing, music, and other facets of entertainment, but, also to share my journey. My rheumatologist intially diagnosed me with SLE in June 2013, however, this may have been a misdiagnosis. So, the search for the truth continues, but, I may be close now. :) 
Thank you for listening, each week I will have a new installment chronicling my journey. Please, please feel free to comment, write, share. I hope to use this forum as a help to all of us, no matter what pain you are experiencing. You may also send stories to me via finlessbook at gmail dot com. I will respect your privacy and maintain your anonymity, if you so desire.
Hugs for today …
Day Seven of Lyrica
So, my neurologist considered the notion that my auto-immune reactions could be fibromyalgia. I can deal with that, but, first I need to admit a shameful notion: I used to believe fibromyalgia was a made-up disease. For that, I apologize for everyone who suffers with this disease. It attacked my muscles head to toe and my Central Nervous System. The neuropathy is the worst and the brain fog and the muscle swelling, the mind bending headaches and the fatigue…I could go on and on. Yes, fibromyalgia is very real and I’m living proof.
So, let’s stop the Gabapentin (Neurontin), I already stopped the Plaquenil (more on that later), and now added Lyrica. A mysterious medication that could cost a fortune and carries a laundry list of possible side effects. Such as a feeling of euphoria or being “high”.

Lyrica by Pfizer

Did someone say euphoric? I am NOT euphoric, I’m the predictable skeptical sourpuss of the bunch. Come to me when you want brutal truth. The only thing that makes me cry are singing the national anthem at sporting events, the movies A League of Their Own, Radio, and The Blind Side- (notice the sports theme), and seeing my children in the spotlight.
But, daily living, nah, I stay away from warm fuzzies. BUT **
Wow, I started Lyrica and immediately felt this high sensation, but, it morphed into a gentle happiness. Yes, a gentle happiness…a satisfaction, while not euphoric, mentally better than I’ve felt in months- possibly years. And, the physical pain? Dissipated.
I’ve read the side effects, but, it was worth the risk. I’ve not experienced the weight gain or swelling- my body already did those things. Now, I feel less swollen, when before it felt like my muscles were in a big wad. Now, I feel more flexible, less pain, and more energy. I did two miles on the treadmill yesterday in a brisk walk and even jogged at the end! YAY ME!
I will honestly say it’s a relief my neurologist is considering fibromyalgia instead of lupus. Yes, I will always have an auto-immune disorder, my Sjogrens markers prove all the dryness is not my imagination. But, it’s not fatal, as lupus can be. And for that I’m truly blessed and thankful.
Let’s hope this diagnosis is correct and I’m truly on the road to better health and managing these CNS and muscle pain. So, officially making the change on my blog from SLE to fibromyalgia. But, still hope to provide information helpful to anyone fighting an auto-immune or other chronic illness.
Hugs for today!

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morgan said…
Here's a thought. Do you have pain in your joints? I was reading that it is often the result to consuming foods you're intolerant too such as wheat and milk. I feel much better when I don't eat these.
Davee said…
Hi Morgan, Yes, you are right. I'm going to check into sugars and candida overload. I don't have much pain in my joints, it's all muscular and in Central Nervous System. :)

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