Win an iPad2 from Secret Cravings Publishing!

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! Let’s start off 2013 with a HUGE contest sponsored by my publisher, Secret Cravings Publishing. You are cruising with SCP authors for a chance to win the following grand prizes from SCP:
Grand Prize- iPad2
First place- Kindle Fire
Second Place- $50 SCP gift card
Third place- $25 SCP gift card

This contest will run Friday January 4 through Sunday January 6.

I will contact my personal winner by Tuesday January 8 at the latest. SCP will have the grand prize winner's name by Friday, January 11th. The winner from my blog will receive a $10 gift certificate to SCP.

To be eligible for the grand prizes... you must answer and match a minimum of 25 of the 30 participating authors to their “location”.  You must eMail your answers to Dawne Prochilo, Review Coordinator for SCP at

Now, a little about my latest release- it will warm your chaps -  Lovedust and Trailblazers

1950’s Oklahoma
 Young Marine, Josiah Samuels, was sent home from the Korean Conflict and honored with a Purple Heart for the shrapnel wounds across his chest.  Although he proudly served his country, he lived on a daily basis haunted by the sights and sounds of warfare.
As a cattle rancher, he raised stock for local rodeos, including the Prison Rodeo in McAlester, OK and lived a simple life of solitude. But, the loneliness and the void the war created in his chest began to overwhelm him.
Then, because of a “cow emergency”, he met Minnie Mitchell, a spitfire neighboring rancher who finished veterinary school at Oklahoma State in a time when few women were even admitted to University veterinarian programs. She faced her own obstacles in running her family’s cattle operation and finding a job as a vet in stereotypical 1950’s Oklahoma.
Minnie passionately rattled Josiah’s world in ways he previously only dreamed. Now, together, these Trailblazers must find a way to keep Minnie close to the family ranch…and Josiah’s loving arms.
My Location is.... the SWISS ALPS!

My trailer for this Lovedust and Trailblazers is now featured nationally!  Link- USA Today Feature

Amazon Purchase Link

Barnes and Noble Purchase Link

For the rest of the participating authors, visit our SCP blog where you link to the other locations for a chance to win the grand prize. 


Rhonda's Doings said…
oh wow, I have always dreamed of going to the Swiss Alps! and being snowed in--sitting by a roaring fire in chalet! w/books, blanket and hot coffee/tea!
Karen said…
I'd love to go to visit Switzerland.
Amy S. said…
Your books sounds good.
Lisa said…
Think I'll visit the alps in the summer. Not a fan of snow...way to cold for me

Shay O said…
Your book sounds great! 1luckywoman(at)cox(dot)net
Scuba Girl said…
Gee, if I went to the Swiss Alps, could I "climb every mountian?"
Anonymous said…
Great choice-- Swiss alps! Gorgeous scenery. Best of luck on Lovedust and Trailblazers, Davee.
Crystal Newman said…
I've never been to the Swiss Alps but maybe one day I will. I will be having to go download this book.
Jean MP said…
Swiss Alps is a great choice, such pretty scenery. Your book sounds like a wonderful read.
skpetal at hotmail dot com
Anonymous said…
I love the cover! Congrats on your book being nationally featured! :)

ckpoisonedrose AT gmail DOT com
BLHmistress said…
I bet the Swiss Alps is so gorgeous would so love to go. I definitely need to hit the lottery.

Dawna N.

Belinda G said…
Very nice Davee. I normally don't read historicals but this looks good. Best of luck! :-)

Belinda G
belgre AT comcast DOt net
Penumbra said…
I'd love to visit the Alps.


Susan W said…
If I ever got a chance to go to Europe I would definitely want to visit the Alps.
laura troxel said…
I love finding new authors and books to read. The Swiss Alps is a place I ould love to visit someday.
SherryGLoag said…
I love your book cover :-)
Eva's Flowers said…
Ohhh Swiss Alps another great location I'd like to visit!

donnas said…
I would love to go there. I have been close but not quite there and its been a really long time.

bacchus76 at myself dot com
Stacey said…
Beautiful Location :)

Happy New Year
Lindsay said…
Love the Swiss Alps especially if there's no snow around
Happy Cruising!! This is a great trip and I am def going to check this book out! Happy Anniversary Secret Cravings!!

Shadow said…
Hi! Happy Anniversary and Happy New Years! Ive always wanted to go to Ireland. That would be my dream! Thanks for the awesome hop and all the giveaways! This is so fun! Thank you!! Have a great day! Best wishes and many blessings to you!
Kay Webb said…
I would love to go the the Swiss Alps. Asl would like to read some of your books. thank you.

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