Book Review- Dating A Cougar- Donna McDonald

Book Review    ***1/2
Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! Today in The Locker is another book review. I take time to read on occasion to hone my skills and connect with readers and other authors. I gave a mature romance a go this time.
Dating a Cougar by Donna McDonald – the Never Too Late series

This 262 page read-in-a-day book is the first I’ve read by Donna McDonald. (More About Donna)When I saw this book listed as a free read, I decided to read Ms. McDonald’s bio and get a better understanding of who this author is. After I read her background as a technical writer and college instructor, encouraged by her potential writing skills, I downloaded the book and gave it a chance.
Ms. McDonald’s succinct writing style did not disappoint me. I like descriptors, good scene/character development, and closing a scene. She did a very good job of each of those. I noticed several proofing errors and one possible error in chapter eighteen when I thought the characters awakened to Sunday, but, it was Saturday in the chapter. I did not flip back on my Kindle to see if I read the weekend scene wrong from the start.
I did not feel the Hero, Casey, and his jealousy issue ever had a proper resolution. Our heroine, Alexa, being a former model and top business owner tends to carry herself well in any crowd, especially with the men. It caused an immense explosion that threatened to curtail their relationship development. So much so, I believed it was the end of them before it started. However, his jealousy melted away and I was not sure if it was because his feelings for her grew or maybe his confidence.
I also wondered how Alexa’s daughter, Jenna, would handle her “it’s complicated” relationship status with Seth-Casey’s cousin. The book ended rather abruptly with no resolution to their storyline; however, it pleased me to see they will have their own book in the series to tie up those loose ends. Seth’s obsession with his cell phone is irritating and I’m surprised Casey didn’t pitch the thing out the window trying to prove a point with him. I hope that improves in “their” upcoming book.
The book drew me in getting to know the characters. Of them all, I only found the character, “Lauren” almost exasperating and frigid. However, I notice a book in the series dedicated to her personal development and that gave me hope for her- I decided to give her a chance.
One scene in the book, a get together with all the characters began warm and inviting. It became annoying and drawn out with pillow fights and the like. Don’t get me wrong, I think this scene showed pivotal development in merging the characters and demonstrating drawing Casey into the fold. But, it was too long to hold my attention for the duration.
Ms. McDonald writes steamy interchanges between Casey and Alexa, so much so, I enjoyed the foreplay much better than the actual sex scenes. I felt the tension and the raw desire build. She captured their chemistry from their initial meeting and it only blossomed from there. It made me think of when I first met my husband and how we felt young again, that butterflies and healthy lust are not only for the younger crowd. I liked that mental perspective. Although explicit, the scenes do not depict erotica and are not graphic enough to embarrass a regular reader of sexually charged romances.
All in all, Ms. McDonald writes a believable story about an older woman finding genuine love and an accurate description of her fear of what to do with it. I could feel the character’s frustrations, infatuations, and just how intensely the human condition can affect anyone-regardless of age.


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