A Little Black Book....from Blue Ink for Tuesday Tales

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! Happy Tuesday and time for another edition of Tuesday Tales. This week I return to my current demonic, paranormal thriller, Blue Ink: The Skin Stalker for my take on the simple word, "book".
Have you ever wondered if a Little Black Book lifestyle may not really be fulfilling? Let's see if Colin receives any epiphanies.

"He powered up the laptop and clicked on the most accessible news link. He scanned the headlines for any indication of missing women or murders. Both topics too heavy for a random Thursday night, but something in his gut required him to make sure Sascha had not made the news that day.
After he eased his troubled mind of Sascha’s safety, his thoughts turned again to his lifestyle. He wondered why he felt pangs of guilt lately. He lived the dream. He paid his taxes. He tipped accordingly. He gave to charity. Hell, he even adopted two angels last year for the Salvation Army. He gave his money; however, Colin could not think of one instance where he gave his time or feelings unselfishly.
God crept back toward the forefront of his thoughts. What have you done for Me lately? It’s more than a pop song from the nineties, son. Colin looked rapidly around the room, wondering if the creamy, yet strong European stout on an empty stomach caused peculiar hallucinations. He could not determine where the voice came from-  it certainly did not come from his laptop.
I’m only enjoying the fruits of the flesh as is our gift from You. Colin responded completely from his thoughts. He looked toward the ceiling expecting it to cave in. If we aren’t supposed to indulge, why do we even have a sexual craving? Especially for more than one person! It’s flat cruel to deny me that right.
It troubled Colin he now felt the need to justify his little black book lifestyle. As much as he attempted to shake the discomfort, it clung like stubborn emotional lint on his soul.  He popped the top of the second stout, belligerence seeping into his mindset. Maybe two people bonded together created the most satisfying existence. He just never understood it. Most people did not, in this world of bigger, better, faster, and more. He fell asleep that Thursday just as discontent as he ever was."
Now that you've read my thoughts for this weeks edition of TT. Please visit our main TT blog for more from other creative writers and their take on "book". Tuesday Tales


Lindsay said…
I'm intrigued by the story.

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