You Can Do a Triathlon Too!

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers!  Today in The Locker I talk with you about the sport of triathlon. I prepared this blog in advance because today, July 28, as you are reading this, I will be somewhere in the experience of my second Olympic distance triathlon. Greetings from the Idaho Spudman 2012
(me from Spudman 2011)
Last year, this very triathlon challenged my limits of endurance. I did okay until about the last mile, and I hit a massive wall. I had to stop to tie my shoes and almost could not start running again. Seriously.  Alas, I did push myself to begin again and made it through the remaining run course between rows in potato fields and over railroad tracks. I finished in 3:16, yes, 3 hours and 16 minutes, well behind the first place competitors, but, certainly not last. Most importantly, dammit, I FINISHED this darn race.

To prepare for this event, I’ve trained consistently for the past three years. I started by competing in 5K races and that led to over a year of physical therapy, although I continued to work out. My physical therapists provided excellent care and training techniques and I owe them a huge debt of gratitude. I discovered my body, specifically my shins, do not appreciate a repetitive running schedule and hey, at 42 yrs young, it is what it is. Therefore, I participate in spin class and biking- a lot.

I'm 2212 in this 5K with my physical therapist friends.

I even got my daughter running (but, she doesn't like it much. LOL)

Something that greatly helped my shins is a technique called Graston therapy, or my good ole friends at Wikipedia . Anyone who enjoys receiving Graston is probably a masochist, and as a self-proclaimed adventurist, I put myself in that crowd. It hurts like hell, I won’t lie, but, WOW, the results are amazing. The first session I had, it looked like I got hit by a moving vehicle as both legs from knees down were black and blue. But, I ran the next day, I promise. It loosened up all the scar tissue and knotted muscles from use.

By the time you read this, who knows where I will be. I could be standing nervously in my goofy swim cap awaiting my wave of swimming to begin in the Snake River, biking furiously on country asphalt, or running breathlessly through potato fields. Or, maybe thankfully, at the end- wearing another finisher medal proudly. But, no matter where I am- I’m here to tell you that it is NEVER too late to pursue a new goal or a dream. I’m living proof the average Jane can make life happen and in this summer of Olympic glory. You can also have a small taste of victory wherever you choose to challenge yourself, even if you are not featured on ESPN.

Extend your limits and stretch your comfort zone---it feels amazing! Oh, and this year I have bungee cord shoelaces so I won’t even have to stop to tie my shoes…


Gary Henry said…
Da-VEE! You are awesome! Friday night and Saturday morning, 11 pm to 7:27 am, I ran (trotted, really) the Lunar Trek 40-mile ultra. FELLOW Endurance athlete!! I run hundreds, too, but Tri's scare me to death. My hat is off to you, and my head bowed! Now hurry up and write that race report! I already know you did great. CONGRATS! Woohoo! Da-VEE!
Ara said…
Congrats on finishing your 2nd triathlon! They are definitely tough!! Keep up the amazing work!
Davee said…
thank you both for posting and sharing and more importantly -for the support!!!

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