Monday, February 27, 2012

Break Up Remorse-Revisited

Break up remorse is buyer’s remorse in reverse.  After shopping and spending your electric bill on some space taker you’ve never in life seen before you put it in your cart, it’s hard when you get home and realize you actually have to take it out of your car.

“Can’t I take it back”, you think to yourself.  “It’s not too late, the charges will be reversed on my bank card before the electric bill due date”…Been there, done that and have several t-shirts and monogrammed handbags to prove it. 
Breaking up is very similar, and the thought of being alone rather than in a dead-end relationship may cause us to desperately cling to one more thing we do not need—in the closet or otherwise.  Get over it.  We do not have the right nor the privilege to play hide and go seek with a lover’s emotions.  Holding on out of selfishness is cruel. 
I’ve seen the result first hand. 
Maybe you are randy baby and know that relief is a text or phone call away.  You know you can call the human dangling participle formerly known as your GF or BF and they will indulge your selfish carnal need.  Maybe you hang around an extra few minutes, maybe an extra day, heck you have nothing better to do.  But, it all ends up the same, you take off without a kiss goodbye and scramble out of there inviting a speeding ticket.

You suck because he or she does it well…hmm…get that one?
When you are on the receiving end of poignant red rover red rover, do not fall victim to the horny whims of some merciless ex.  It will not end up well; you WILL end up listening to 80’s Chicago and Air Supply and somewhere in the middle eat an entire bag of Fritos, licking the salt from the bottom of the bag, much like an animal licking its wounds. 
Step away from the wolverine trap known as the “ex’s” (oh, and put down the second bag of Fritos.)

The giver or the receiver, either way, people are not disposable, no matter how much we wish they were.
Stop sucking; you have a better life to live than that.  Only when you find the one who reciprocally and generously sucks should you ever let your guard…or your knickers down. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Skin Against Skin - FFF

Welcome Fellow Fathomers and thank you for joining me in The Locker for the Friday Flash Fiction. It's where a crazy group of us get together and write exactly 100 words, no more-no less, about a specific photo for the week.

Check out this intriguing shot:

“You said you were open to anything, so, why do you turn your head away?” He whispered, pushing her down into the triple layer chocolate cake.

“When I said anything, I had no idea you meant sploshing! I’m getting frosting up my feminine wiles.” She giggled, attempting to shift away from his tightening grip. However, his growing arousal indicated she should prepare for the duration.

“Oh, babe, doesn’t it feel amazing against your skin? The combination of cake and your exquisite deliciousness is almost too much! Now, darling, get ready, because she is about to splash more milk our way!”

Yummy! Now that you have read my interpretation, please visit my friends for their imaginative take on this photo. Caution, some of the other blogs may be hotter than jalapenos, containing explicit content.

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Let's Meet a Sadist

Welcome to The Locker today, Fellow Fathomers!  Thursday’s blog discusses my upcoming book, Finless.  Finless is a dark journey into the recesses of human extremities. If you have ever had a dark thought and wondered how “normal” it was, please realize that everyone has abrasive thoughts, edgy desires, and intense feelings at one time or another. It is how we choose to act on those mental barrages that separate the masses.
Sarah, Nathaniel, and Lily resist unconditional love as they feed primal desires.  Not believing the possibility of having it all, they struggle to believe that they, the “least of these”, rightfully deserve a lifetime of love and happiness-- Especially with how graphically and unconventionally they choose to express themselves.
Each of the characters comes to realize how tortured their lives have become.  Violent images, dreams, and actions occur as they spiral downward into their dark existence. Reaching personal impasses, they must decide how they will make their lives better.  In the process, they must also mend broken intimate relationships with the ones they love.
This erotic, edgy tale describes and embraces elements of s/M lifestyle.  Their personal proclivities are not condemned, but rather embraced to fill the voids in their emotional existence.
If a fish does not have fins, it becomes lifeless and sinks helplessly to the bottom of the water.

Humans are exactly the same way.

Today, my privilege is also welcoming Nathaniel to The Locker. Normally a recluse, and rarely granting interviews, he chose to share a glimpse into his personal life with us:

·         Hello Nathaniel, hope today finds you well.

Yes, life is what I choose to make it. Very few outside influences affect me.

·         I must agree with you on that one. Can I get you anything as we begin?
Actually, a sparkling water with slice of lime would be great.

·         Coming right up. (hmmm, is he showing his Diva side right now or what?) Here you go, chilled to satisfaction?

·         I know how much perfection means to you. Okay, now down to business-Tell me the difference between good and exceptional.  
“Good” is what the average man or woman is willing to settle for. “Good” may as well be defined as mediocre, in my personal opinion. If a person compromises for “good”, they may just have low expectations. On the other hand, if we demand “exceptional”, we demonstrate our desire for something above reproach, and should rarely be disappointed with our choices. Although, I’ve been disappointed by many people over the years. (lowers voice) Beginning with my parents…However, that’s as far as I want to go with that one right now.

·         Do you think a leader should be feared or liked?     
“Fear” is synonymous with “control”, if your subordinates do not fear you, then; you have lost control of them.  I hold the power of the paycheck with my employees, and they generally do as I wish. I do not expect them to complete assignments outside of their professional purview. It matters nil to me if anyone likes me or not.

·         What about Lily, does she fear you?
Lily is not my subordinate.

·         What about Sarah?
Sarah enjoys fearing me.

·         How do you feel about taking no for an answer?  
I cannot remember the last time someone told me “no”. I would respect it as a safe word, but that’s a bit trite for a safe word, don’t you think?

·          How would you feel about working for someone who knows less than you? 
That would never happen. If someone expects me to take orders, they better have the upper hand in all matters pertaining to intelligence, procedure, and influence. I have yet to meet anyone resembling that.

·         What three character traits would your friends use to describe you? 
I have few friends, as I have not the time nor the inclination for small talk and banter about personal issues. However, anyone who knows me, even slightly, would probably say I’m an arrogant, controlling, perfectionist impossible to please.

·         Ah, but, it seems Lily may know something different?
Details regarding my relationship with Lily are not part of this interview. I prefer to leave her out of things right now. She has been through enough.

If you could be any character in fiction, who would you be?
E. Edward Grey

·         Nathaniel, thank you very much for spending a bit of time with our fans today. Would you be willing to visit again, possibly after the world reads our story?
It is definitely possible. But, for now, I have other obligations and must bid you adieu.

Now that you have read a bit of behind the scenes information about the mysterious, Nathaniel. Please take a moment to read an excerpt from the upcoming, Finless:
Sarah awakened to the feel of ice on her head and realized she was lying on Nathaniel’s office sofa.   She was completely embarrassed at the spectacle she herself was at the center of.  His office door was still closed and they were alone.  He was seated beside her on the couch, gently saying her name.  He was so close, she no longer noticed the embarrassment she felt.  All she knew was his smell was the most tantalizing thing she had ever experienced.  He was a combination of black pepper, musk, and subtle spice. The pain from the bump to her head provided a foreign adrenaline; the hot ache returned between her thighs and she could no longer contain her physical desires.
As he reached to touch her head, she grabbed his hand and guided him to her newly shaven area, under her skirt.  He was surprised only for a moment, before he allowed himself to touch the smooth wet skin under the tight fabric.  He was delighted she wore no panties, although he suspected as such because she rarely had those tell tale lines under her office clothing.  He was definitely paying attention to Sarah’s wardrobe, or more importantly, the silhouette underneath.

Friday, February 17, 2012

the Naughty After Dark Blog Hop and Giveaway Feb 15-22 - NC17

Thursday, February 16, 2012

What Is a Kill Kit, Really?

Hello Fellow Fathomers! Welcome to FFF, the Friday Flash Fiction series. Where my friends and I have one photo prompt and write exactly 100 words to describe what we see. 

I hope he approves of my technique. It looks like she is falling for it. “Do you live around here?” He asked the question innocuously in her ear.

As she lightly held his wrist, she slightly slurred her words. ‘Not far, come over for a nightcap. Only thing, you might have to endure my roommate.”

Oh, two for the price of one-even better. “Is this a girl roommate or a boyfriend?” He required clarification.

“Yes, silly, a girl!”

His mentor, watched diligently, waiting for the signal. As soon as they left, he would follow-with their “play” kit in the trunk.

Now that you have absorbed my interpretation, visit some of my friends for more sassy storytelling. Caution, some of the other writers will have some very explicit 100 words, so, be ready for the heat!!!!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why Try Harder?

Good Afternoon Fellow Fathomers!
Today in The Locker I address the subject of winning. However, I do not approach the subject as vehemently as Charlie Sheen, “The only thing I’m addicted to right now is winning.”  Winning is not my personal addiction, however, finishing strong is my drug of choice.

For me, this entire thought process began when my first book, On Ellicott Street, hit the worldwide web. I happy danced around, had a couple of gin and tonics to celebrate, and chowed on oysters on the half-shell with my family. A few friends even stopped by the local hangout, Pick Six, because I advertised it as my book release happy hour.  I chatted and handed out a few bookmarks. It was awesome.
The high lasted for about 24 hours before the realization hit, “Oh, shit, just because it’s OUT there DOES NOT mean it will sell well.”
Panic-stricken moment anyone? If you’ve been there, done that, can I get an “amen”?
And, so began the labor intensive process of pimping myself out for any guest blog parties that would graciously take me, and THANK YOU to all who have allowed me to stop by. I contacted newspapers, scoured advertising prices, and wracked my brain for creative ways to market on a budget.
“Ummm, hello? Note to self, this book has only been out for 12 days.”
However, as I watch my Amazon sales rating like a hawk and the extreme changes in my position, (I was actually down to like 40K rank at one point-whoo hooo!) Now, stifling at around 150K rank, the panic sets in once again.
Today, after spending quite a bit of time emailing more newspapers for possible advertising and a couple reviewers, I looked at my publisher’s website, Secret Cravings Publishing, to login for my author details. When, really, could it be???  Why, yes, even after I checked three times, blinked a few more times, there it is---
3.  On Ellicott Street
“I’m number 3, why try harder?”—Nah, I’m not that kind of girl.
Number 3 is only the beginning….I hope…I want to be on more lists.
I dedicate this blog to each and every author out there trying to make somebody’s bestseller list somewhere. May we all grace the New York Times someday.
To close, in the words of Charlie Sheen, “I think I’m worth over a 100 BILLION dollars, but that’s just on a cellular level.”


And, a few words from the upcoming, Finless
“The basement was transformed into a medieval dungeon.  The detail would mesmerize not only the s/M enthusiast, but, was tasteful and included authentic pieces to fascinate even the most pristine historical curator.  Nathaniel was adamant that the room not be tawdry or cheap in appearance.
 It would be a place of classic beauty and pain. 
He purchased the pieces himself and had them delivered to her place.  He also contracted the services of carpenters and masons to get the work done professionally.  It was a small token he would allow her to keep once he was bored with his time with her.  It was the least he could do.
 It was one large room.  The interior walls were an old English style cobblestone.  In one corner a swinging bed made simply of a black wooden slab hanging by chains from the ceiling.  There was enough room around the bed to participate in activities from any direction.  Sometimes, Nathaniel required Lily to sleep there alone when he was visiting.  There would be no Egyptian cotton sheets or pillows of any kind for her comfort.  However, on more than one occasion, Lily slept tightly against the hard wood, mummified in plastic wrap against the cold black surface. 
In another corner, a large stretching rack tilted ominously.  The crude wooden wheel at one end could be turned to pull the limbs in directions close to the breaking point.  Just above the rack from the ceiling hung a long chain on a pulley, which Nathaniel used to achieve a similar result.  However, standing while slowly being stretched up by the chain created the most beautiful illusion of streamlined curves and sensuous positions of the female body.  When Nathaniel chose to stretch Lily, she would be wearing nothing, and he would slowly and carefully bind her hands by the leather cuffs at the bottom of the hanging chain.  She would begin flat footed, and he would walk slowly around her body and as he touched and caressed, he would begin to pull the chain and her arms would first move further upward.  As her breasts flattened and her torso began to cave from the upward pull of the chain, she would move from flat footed, to the balls of her feet and finally upon her tip toes, much like in pointe ballet.  
Nathaniel was not so cruel as to require her to hold this position for long, but, the beauty of her elongated frame was so appealing to him, he might require this from Lily more than once during a visit.  Her toes sometimes becoming cramped and sore, and at times, bruised from her weight bearing down on them.  
Against one wall was a small fireplace.  More than one type of fire poker and branding irons were in the steel stand next to it. Nathaniel had never branded Lily, this would leave a permanent mark on her body and he was not inclined to make anything permanent with her unless he changed his mind about his intentions.  These items were simply there as the “promise ring” symbol of what could possibly be achieved.
In front of the opposite wall was a “T” shaped rack, built from wooden timbers.  Chains and cuffs dangled precariously from the top of the rack.  Next to the rack were an assortment of cat o nine tails, floggers, crops, and leather whips.  He could chain Lily from front or back and could inflict cracking and whooshing to her breasts or buttocks. 
A pillory, old-fashioned school desk, barbers’ chair, and armoire were scattered around the room.  A simple sink and toilet were discreetly mounted in a back corner. 
In another corner, a large chest held a variety of costumes, wigs, shoes, and a first aid kit.  Although, they never had a need before, one can never be too careful when playing in this type of environment. Although they shared a “safe” word in the event the activities went too far, she never before spoke it aloud to stop anything Nathaniel was doing to her.  This pleased him immensely and demonstrated extreme loyalty and cooperation on her behalf.  Nathaniel knew Lily so well that he knew her limits, and for her safety, would not press her beyond them.
He was after all, a perfect Master.”

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Day Comes Early....

Happy Early Valentine’s Day Fellow Fathomers!

Love is a crazy ride not for the faint of heart. Only when we are ready to embrace the fear of the unknown will we truly take the ride. Love does not have to be gentle to be meaningful, and may even seem cruel in some ways. However, when you find someone you fully give your heart to—you cherish every twist and turn.

My upcoming book, Finless, set for release April 2012 from Secret Cravings Publishing will take readers on a dark journey of intensity, sexuality, and self-discovery. All on the route to finding-LOVE. Please read an excerpt from my upcoming-Finless.

“Nathaniel took the riding crop from the hanging rack on the wall.  He slid the leather against her skin and would occasionally lightly smack the stiff shaft of the crop against her bare skin.  She started to melt into the cuffs, as the adrenaline high started to pulse in her veins.  With each stroke of the crop, he used more force and the leather began to leave welts on her exposed skin.  These would be lightly bruised areas tomorrow which Lily would wear like a trophy for a few days until they healed. 

Nathaniel put the crop back in its place and took control of the bullwhip.  He cracked the whip away from her generating an loud echo in the basement.  She shuddered slightly in delighted anticipation, knowing the whip would be cracking against her bare back and buttocks.  Nathaniel walked up to Lily and slid the “popper”- the tip of the whip- evenly against her shoulder blades.  “You want this, don’t you, Lily?”  “Yes, Master”, was her soft, yet dogged reply.

Nathaniel walked away from Lily just far enough for the “fall” of the whip to land against Lily.  Instant angry streaks appeared across her backside as she stood firmly, unmoving, as he wielded the whips’ crack expertly across Lily’s body.  Lily began to float in her mind to this place of warmth and contentment.  She never felt such peace of mind as when Nathaniel took control and gave her the physical release no one else ever had.

When he was satiated of the need to execute his power physically onto Lily, he finished by  unlocking her from the rack and bending her over the dungeon stocks and taking her from behind as he drove his pulsing cock into her hot waiting center. His release mingled with her sweat and dripped down to the dungeon floor as he turned and walked away and up the stairs to leave once again.”

My current release, “On Ellicott Street”, is sweeter, yet still demonstrates what happens when we truly find the courage to fall in love. Take a peek at an excerpt from my now available novella-

“They spent the next few hours sleeping peacefully. Their bodies spooned tightly as nesting dolls. Neither Cassie nor Eli ever experienced the depth of a connection as they shared that night. As the dawn opened to a bright, sunny day, Cassie awakened before Eli. She spent several minutes lying still listening to his deep, even breathing. She enjoyed the way his arm held her tightly to him. In the lazy haze of awakening, she closed her eyes and took in each place their bodies touched. From the way his chin nestled against the top of her head, to his arm firmly against her abdomen pulling her into his own midsection, she felt it all. Even her back feeling his taut muscles, only faintly softer in their relaxed state.

 Cassie then directed her attention to his more intimate areas. It was clear Eli possessed a very satisfying masculinity by the semi-hard state the morning brought upon him. She moved ever so slightly to adjust her hips to fit more fully against his growing arousal. Cassie decided Eli’s hesitancy to consummate their union must be challenged. She needed to feel him deeply inside her, even if he had second thoughts.

* * * *

Eli’s peaceful sleep turned to a vivid dream of ecstasy the more Cassie moved against him. Not sure if reality or wishful thinking had his body going, he chose to follow the lead of his desires. He dared not open his eyes for fear his Cassie would vanish. Was she really in his bed snuggled closely to him? Further, was she really enticing him with those luscious hips rubbing ever so subtly against his hardening shaft?”

I hope you enjoyed the excerpts of two of my love creations. Please find ‘On Ellicott Street’ now available at the following distributors:

I hope you enjoyed our time together today, if you have read my first release, if you would leave a review, I would absolutely love it!!!   I hope to see you again in The Locker soon!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Stage Fright

Good evening fellow fathomers!

On this Monday evening, I began thinking about the books we write or the movies we watch from the concept of the "Stage Fright" angle. Wikipedia calls Stage fright or performance anxiety "the anxiety, fear, or persistent phobia which may be aroused in an individual by the requirement to perform in front of an audience, whether actually or potentially (for example, when performing before a camera)."and goes on to state..."It has numerous manifestations: fluttering or pounding heart, tremor in the hands and legs, sweaty hands, diarrhea, facial nerve tics, dry mouth, erectile dysfunction. Stage fright is most commonly seen in school situations, like stand up projects and class speeches."

I don't know about you, but erectile dysfunction while attempting to perform in public is probably not such a negative. I mean, if a guy has a big biology project presentation, I'm fairly certain he does not want an unexpected visitor to join the party, you know? On the other hand, porn stars and adult material models, would most certainly hold a different opinion.

I've never seen any of this man's movies by the way. Am I missing much?

Some people live unnecessarily with stage fright in their average, everyday lives. Like a turtle, they retreat into a safe shell, waiting for complete quiet and anonymity before they peek back out. Even in the most quiet neighborhoods, human turtles would need to retreat 90% of the time and miss everything if that is the case.

What causes you stage fright? Fear of getting hurt, being laughed at, disregarded, shunned? Yes, these are tough cases of rejection, but, the reality of life is, most of the time, you will be respected for at least putting your head out there. So what if you don't win the big race against the hare....Oh, wait a minute, the turtle did win...

Score One Big One For the Turtle

Find a reason to extend yourself and you might just find yourself chipping away at that stage fright until very little of it remains.

Food for thought on this Monday evening. Find someone to hug and share some love. Until next time...